Friday, August 21, 2009

Surprise what? And then I spend the rest of the evening trying not to pass out!!

I wrote this a couple days ago...but due to busy times and other things I could not finish it the same day.....
I am flabbergasted....just....w
I sit here at 8:15am on my way to dance rehearsal....cause that it was 40 year old character actress chicks TV....oh mom...thanks for the tap, jazz and ballet at Marlene Robinson Dance School....but I just wanted to say something about what happened on Monday night before it got too far away.
It is so ironic...I hope that I have used this right...not like that Alanis who wasn't talking about ironic things at ironic that the day I choose to go on about Canada and people not being celebrated....I find myself and my dear Jenni Burke thrust into the middle of a night that I will never forget.
When Sara Farb asked me to come to her cabaret and I heard the run down of performers I was very excited....A:Love the cabaret, of course. and B: The list of performers were my fave young people out there doing their solo thang. But when I sat there and my best friend Thom Allison came onstage...I....alright...l
et us be honest here....I turned to Jenni and said "why the eff didn't they ask me to host?"...cause I am self centered that way....and then when I heard him say that the evening was a surprise celebration for Jenni Burke and myself I near 'bout shit my pants.
What a night....I was greatly honoured that so much thought was put into the evening....Kyle writing a songologue ... Kritty singing Mr. Brightside ...were just a couple of the amazing highlights....oh and Jeigh writing new lyrics to 'Woman" ... and Kelly singing a fierce tune that I want to ask her for the music to...Ari in a glitter top singing "Blow Gabriel Blow" ... were others... and Allie singing 'Glitter" (I mean really!!) ... Gabi being the only white woman I know who does real justice to the Dreamgirls songbook on a weekly basis...Dan Rutzen playing the shit outta the keys...and the lovley Sara Farb singing in her singular and fabulous way...having put whole deal together...and then Thom singing "If you believe " and me snot crying in the front row....beside my dear friend Jenni.
We just kept turning to each other...not believing that it was happening....I had a very important moment about 10 minutes into the show...I began to feel overwhelmed and wished for a less obvious seat....worrying about people watching me fall to pieces...but after wishing away many pivotal moments in my life I stopped myself...I turned to Jenni and said " Let's breathe and suck it all in and appreciate this fabulous moment that will never come again!"... and I did...I think Jenni did too.
I wished it never to be over.
How lucky am I?
How blessed.
And, mostly, how thankful and proud I was of all those fantastic performers...they are really the
best young people around... and now they are out there producing, writing, creating and
So humbled...and the gifts ....thanks to Fashion Crimes for the dress...Dan Thompson of Daniel Thompson Cosmetics for the UNBELIEVABLE pallet... Patty Zee for the custom painting...Sportelli, Mitchell Marcus Sara Farb and Buddies for the tickets....the Bikram Studio for the MONTH LONG PASS...Jeigh's Spa for the hair guru Bill for the do.....and Buddies for the door....I just felt like it was not a real was like being at your funeral but still being alive and fabulous!
And to all the people who came to be a part of the evening...and yes, we really were surprised!!
I CANNOT believe something was kept from me on FACEBOOK!!!
I am a FACEBOOK LURKER AND SLUT! honour me with your friendship.
Thom honour me with your friendship.
I am just ....wowie.
All that being said...I am doing something this weekend that I have never done before...
On Sunday at 5:00pm on Church Street just north of Welleslley across from the Beer Store I will be doing a headlining set... a rock star people...I have never done that celebration of the CHURCH STREET FETISH FAIR!!!
Oh is free and will be something else I am sure!
The always straight but never narrow Steve Thomas will be playing for me...and it will something to be part of....I would love for any or all of you to come down and witness an set that even I can't predict what is gonna happen!!!
I think it is gonna be a day to remember!
I don't know what the true future holds but I forge forward with excitement and renewed vigor thanks to that fabulous and wonderful tribute.

Thank you for putting a spring into my step and heart.

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