Monday, August 24, 2009

I need a title!! And some votes!!!

I am all excited...and NOT just because I am all enjoying SYTYCD Canada....who knew...the dancers are of them was in the Music Man movie...when he was 6 years old or some shit like that....AND not just because I got new shoes and a new haircut...AND not just because I drank a whole bottle of homemade Italian wine at my sister's house this weekend....AND not just because while drinking said bottle of wine I sat with my brother-in-law, my sister , George and a couple of other dudes and we named our fave porn titles....
Creamer vs. Creamer
Romancing the Bone
and George came up with my personal fave....The Boston Tea Bag Party....everyone laughed so hard that we almost threw up the Italian wine...which was crushed by the feet of old Italian Nona's in black mourning gear...and then they put on their house shoes...and fed their was some racial stereotyping....sorry Hamilton...
I am most excited because in my endless quest to keep my audience excited and on the edge of their seats...or something kinda like that...Mark Harjes came up with and idea for this week that I LOVE!!!
It is called...hmm...what is is "Choose it or Suck it!" too harsh?
Maybe I need you to email me some titles, people, for this week....
This is the idea!!!
So, below is a list of some of my fave tunes....I would love you to send your top Faves.....
Then on Wedenesday night starting at 8:30pm...I will bring in a list of 10 songs and choose them from a hat....during the show...
"Sharron's 'You Pick it, I Belt it!!!'" night....hey that does not suck....but I am still open to way better titles!!!
So, here are the songs....and if there is one that I have forgetten that you wanna hear....please include it!!!

Bohemian Rhapsody
Slave 4 U /Tainted Love
Sister Christian/Sweet Child of Mine
Dirty Deeds
Mr. Brightside
True Colours
Don't Stop Believin'
Hotel California
Stop In The Name of Love
Diamonds are Forever / Material Girl
I Walk the Line/I'm On Fire
Way Back the Then
Some Other Life
Do You Miss Me?
Every Breath You Take

Do You have others? DO YOU??? Write me here or post it in Facebook....or message me if you are should be an interesting night...I will endeavor to come up with a story to match a song.......or maybe you can help me by coming up with a premise that Wednesday Night when I pull the song out....WE ARE GONNA DO SOME SEAT FLYING PEOPLE!!!

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