Monday, June 07, 2010

Day 7 and the night it had to end!!! AND ENDED BIG!!!

I am sitting in front of gate 52 at the Newark airport.
I am looking am looking at a plane that is going to Portugal and am intrigued.
And then I think of this....

What a last day....
We woke late after I discovered a “running around NY late at night celebrating opening night” injury... just a scrape...but for the life of me I have NO idea where I got it.

Gross, right?
No matter what I do for the rest of my life...and my plan is to do as many more cool things as the universe allows...nothing will ever top my first night at Joe’s....

The last one was taking a drink after I ate the shrimp....these photos were taken by John Maher....thank you JOHN!!!
I had my second night work cut out for me people.
We started the day meeting Sara Farb, Mickey G and James Levesque for brunch.

It was very nice except for the child who seemed to be tempting the fates standing behind me in his booth with his maple syrup covered hands dangerously close to my naturally curly and naturally red hair.

We went back and slept a couple hours.
My thoughts were full of challenge and nerves...the night had been the best of my could this be better....what do you think the answer is?
It won’ will be different.
That is what I kept breathing in and out.
I got there early and really sat in that dressing room...and I thought...I am at the freaking ublic an awesome dressing room...with my name on the door...and I am the only person here....breathe it in.

I got into a whole new FC outfit and got ready to do my thing...Wayne was equally as unsure of what was to come....
The audience was...PACKED.

There were some Showboater’s; Richie McCall, Michael Scott, Brigid Brady...and National touring Les Mis-ers; Nettie Harrington, Jason Reiff...
And there was freaking SANDRA CALDWELL AND TERESA TOVA AND GILLIAN TOOKE...and for the record Gillian was in her “Sharron’s Army” TSHIRT!
The fantastic Grant Ramsay and Tim Hughes...Gail Hakala and her mom Elizabeth...Erika Santilana...Sam Strasfeld....the beautiful Sara Farb and the famous Jeigh Madjus....Carly freakin’ Street....Elenna Mosoff...SO MANY!
Bruce DEAN was there!
I know I am missing a ton of people...but it was staggering...then there was a ton of people that the lovely John Austin from up in TO sent...and then there were a BUNCH of people that I didn’t all....
And Barbra...she had come the night before...and she brought 4 people back with her!
It WAS A FREAK SHOW of fabulousness....and there was my sweet sweet George...god I love him...he has the video camera...and the camera...what the eff would I do without him?
It was a great show.
Second nights are challenging, let us be honest....but it still went swimmingly.
I got a great response...I exited to a standing O...I say it again....that sounds conceited..but I wanna honour what happened..and I exited to one of the waitresses screaming that I “KILLED IT!”

And when I came back to the dressing room I saw this....

Life will never be the
is a rack.
What an amazing night.
What an amazing journey people.
I think the most gratifying moment I had...there were many, do not get me wrong...but when I came into Joe’s the second night and saw the same bar staff and they said “YEAH!!! You are back!!! You are our favourite.”
They see a lot of things...and that made me smile...and they wanted to give me drinks after...
I always think if you really wanna get a true feeling of how it went...sit with the bar staff.
I ended up with them for a while.
Then I felt...spent...thrilled...
a bit bereft that it was over...I feel a lot of things.
I did have the dream that someone would see my show and PUT ME THE EFF ON BROADWAY!
You know I did.
But WAIT A MINUTE I played two nights...two grand nights at Joe’s Pub. I met so many people...a bunch of reviewers...came....I really felt a part of the community!
And, thank god, they got me.
And had my dear Canadians with my all the way....
After the show Derrick, Wayne, George and I walked out the front doors and I made us all stop and think and then we took these pics of our first outting to the Public Theater as participating artists....yah.

I feel so weepy.
Not at all like I thought I would.
We went to get a bite as I had had nothing since the beginning of the night....RAY’S PIZZA BYOTCHES!!! One of my fave things....
And then D, W and G and I met Carly, Teresa, Gillian, Elenna and had the worse glass of wine I have ever tasted...but it was still sweet.

We were supposed to meet Grant and Tim at Marie’s but after sitting with the wait staff at Joe’s it was a bit late...we were late...and we missed them...I gotta text GRANT!!!
Marie’s Crisis Cafe is one of my fave places in NY.

It was pretty empty.
But there was a great player and an older lady ...and after ALL of us sat around the banquet the lady started to sing “Everything Must Change” was stirring and thought provoking...and just perfect...a perfect NY moment...and there I was with all of these wonderful friends...
We asked her to sing again...and she did...
Then the man behind the piano, who was fabulous by the by, chatted with us and asked Wayne and I if we would like to do a tune...I HAVE NEVER seen another piano player, who was not working at the Cafe...behind the was magic....and we did the one song that I had to cut both shows due to time constraints (read: I talked too much in my show) “Hanging By a Thread” was awesome...Wayne and I played Joe’s AND Marie’s in one night...

What a way to almost end our night.
I made everyone come with me, it is 3:00 am not, to Manitus, a 24 hour restaurant in the village and we ate and laughed.

That, by the way, is George's new photo pose.
God, I laughed while I was in NY.
I felt the goodwill and support of my friends....the thrill of victory and the wood burning moments of working it out.
The melancholy of a job finished.
Oh my god...I sound all freaking Farley Mowat right now.
I have NEVER worked harder in my life.
I am spent.
I am.......
At the end of the night Carly, George and I watched the sun come up on Broadway....just like from The Producers.
So NY!

Here is what was Twittered during my show last night from the management at Joe’s Pub......
Sharron Matthews covers Bohemian Rhapsody and somehow this was surprising in a set of great surprises

And this is from Magda Katz, a reviewer from Broadwayafterdark.comwho came Saturday night...

The Canadian cabaret artist Sharron Matthews made her New York City appearance last Saturday night at Joe’s pub. What a debut it was. Sharron took the stage wearing a pink tutu like halter prom dress With 60’s style white heels. She is a is a full-figured lady with an amazingfull-sized voice. She is a pinchof Ethel Merman and Bette Midler. Her show is deliciously campy and her interpretation of a song is unique and wonderful. Sharron Matthews’s personality and talent really shines as she sails through some of the contemporary hits of the 80’s. When she combines Shirley Bassey’s “Diamonds Are Forever” with Madonna’s “Material Girl” she is able to recreate the original sound of both artists. Her voice is so great that she leaves her audience wanting to hear more. Joe’s Pubhad a full house full of adoring fans that knew her from Canadian Cabaret. She turned the room into a private party. I felt as if she had a personal relationship to everyone in the audience. Sharron is one of thoserare performers that comes along once in a while and gets notices in a downtown club and builds a loyal following a la Bette Midler.

Holy Crapbags!!! YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!

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