Sunday, June 06, 2010

My Cabaret Debut in NY!!! REally!!!

What do you say?
WHAT THE EFF do you say?
How do I describe it without totally
First of all....I could not be more tired and am going back to sleep asap!!!
But I wanted to get it out there....
Last night was...without a of the most amazing nights of my life...
When we got to Joe's for the soundcheck I was nervous...not over the top...but a bit nervous...okay...I was a bit "my bowels feel untrustworthy...". That is just honesty folks.
Then we saw the awesome...and I do mean awesome...dressing room....

The walls are covered with very lovely drawings and pictures of people who played the Pub.
Judy Collins, John Lithgow, Carly Simon....and this one right beside my chair...

Um....yah. Wowie!!!
I mean, really.
And then I started to!
The Blackman sisters....all the way in London England sent a beautiful bouquet....and then it turned out that my sweet doggies, Cassie and Tyson sent us flowers...I think that they must have had a hard time talking on the phone...because the note said they were from Cathy and Tyson. The humans who are loving them up while we are here must be giving them a lot of leeway.
Then into the room.
It truly is is the best mix of the Gladstone and Tallulah's....and there is an AMAZING sound and lighting crew (Kevin and Jeff)....
At dinner George and Derrick insisted that I eat...I ate a little and then I felt all pukey.
Back to the time came so bloody fast...SOOO fast....
After describing my gig to Helena the stage manager, it was pretty much time to go...donning my sweet, pink, FC dress with a flower on it as big as my head...and putting on a pair of high heels that a drag queen would say "Damn girl, those are high!" to...I went out to say hi to everyone...that is one of my fave parts...there were tons of people I didn't know...old and young...who had read about it on the Joe's site or from their mailing list of 150, 000....staggering, I know.
It was an amazing house.....
Constance and Sasha came down from TO, as did, Bradley, Devon Tullock (already there, but that counts!)...the same can be said for Leah Oster, Jennifer Stewart, Angela Wright, Michael Gianfrancesco, James Levesque... Paul and Chris came down from Montreal!!!
And then there were all the NY people I have known...Kim Lindsay, Dathan Williams and his partner Parker, Lorna Hampson, Tyley Ross, Eric Robertson and his wife Linda, John Maher, Shane Bland and his wife Dale, Lexie Gallant, Whitney Webster, Pete Kaiser!!
This list goes on!
And my dear PR dude Don invited a lot of folks....and there were, as I said, a ton of new was packed!
And then I got the sign that it was time...and I started.
And I felt it right from the first was gonna be a great night.
They were with me at every turn...Wayne was flawless.
People were eating through the whole show and a guy right in front had a shrimp I had a piece of shrimp...during the show...and washed it down with his whole drink.
And he smiled throughout!
I ran a bit long so I had to cut 2 songs...I fucking talk too much...and let the audience pick the last song...
When I was like that very first cabaret I did at J.J.'s on church street....I am gonna say is gonna sound conceited...but I wanna say it and share it with you all...judge me if you will...but know that it comes from celebrating all the hard work beforehand ....I got two standing ovations.
On my NY cabaret Joe's Pub.
It was just so special....and we went out to celebrate after!!
Don't worry...I don't work tonight until 9:30pm...I am good.....
I love you guys!!!!!
Thanks to George, Wayne, Derrick and Donald for making the night happen!

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