Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sharron went to NY and made sweet sweet love to It!!

Sharron Matthews Superstar: World Domination Tour 2010

On May 31st to June 6th, Week 23 of World Domination, after 22 weeks of planning, sweat and tears....
Sharron Matthews,
an independant Canadian performing gal,
took New York!!!
(and made sweet sweet love to it!)

And it was fabulous and challenging work people! I spent all day at meetings, at interviews, at my computer in whatever Starbucks I could find Wi Fi in! Then I would plan my night with my PR man, Donald Schaffer and I would put on one of fabulous Fashion Crimes dresses and off I would go.

During that week I sang in every cabaret room in New York City, promoting my shows !!!

1 .The legendary Birdland @ Jim Caruso’s Cast Party!

(This is a picture of me and Jim!)

2. Don’t Tell Mama’s
3. The Duplex
4. Laurie Beechman Theatre @ After Party
5. The Metropolitan Room @ Metro Jam
6. The Iguana

And I also sang in a ton of small piano bars!
Anywhere I could go to drum up an audience!
The response was amazing...I got so many business cards and email address I didn’t know what to do....oh yes I did...went to Starbucks the next day and sent them my info!!
I spent from 9:30pm to about 3:00am out singing...and meeting amazing people!
The community could not have been more welcoming!
And during the day.....

I did radio.... Seth Rudetsky’s FAMOUS Live on Broadway show on Sirius FM!

Where I met SOON TO BE TONY WINNER the lovely and super kind Katie Finneran!

This is me and she and Seth!

I did interviews....

By Daryl Glenn (Nitelifeexchange.com)
Although the NY Cabaret community may not yet be aware of Sharron Matthews, she intends to fix that right quickly! This terrifically warm, funny and talented lady has just landed in our fair town on the second stop of her Madonna- inspired World Domination Tour, and I had the good fortune to share an hour with her upstairs at the Iguana Café, as preparations for the evening's entertainment (2010 MAC Award-winning variety show Wednesday Nights at Iguana) were swirling around us.... BWW Interviews: Sharron Matthews Debuts at Joe's Pub 6/5 & 6/6
by Kelly Cameron

SharRon Matthews is getting ready to take over the world CABARET STYLE! Well-known in Canada as one of the country's greatest Cabaret artists, Sharron has been wowing Toronto audiences with her unique Cabaret evenings and amazing vocal styling for years, and now she is taking her show on the road for her World Domination tour! Sharron landed in NYC on Monday and plays her first gigs at Joe's Pub this weekend!....

And I worked!!
And it PAID OFF!
By the time show time came around, after all my support team arrived in New York City ....

(This is George, my husband, Derrick, my co producer, myself and Wayne, my accompanist outside of The Public Theatre where Joe’s Pub is!)

...I was a RECOMMENDED Critic’s PIC in Time Out New York,
(They called me a “Comedic Songbird”, love it!)
A RECOMMENDED PICK by Cabaret Hotline and there was a huge buzz!

Both nights at Joe’s Pub were packed...PACKED!!!

Let me say it again! An unknown Canadian cabaret gal packed TWO nights at Joe’s Pub!!!
There were Broadway producers, cabaret performers, broadway performers, people who had seen me during the week of promo, and people who just love to come to Joe’s Pub.
And the response was amazing!
Both nights had huge standing ovations!
Here is a link to a clip of the Sunday night show....see for yourself....
I can tell you without a word of a lie...that this was one of the best weeks of my life!
And the reviews are rolling in....

Sharron Matthew's Debut at Joe's Pub (Broadway After Dark)

The Canadian cabaret artist Sharron Matthews made her New York City appearance last Saturday night at Joe's pub. What a debut it was. Sharron took the stage wearing a pink tutu like halter prom dress With 60's style white heels. She is a is a full-figured lady with an amazing full-sized voice. She is a pinch of Ethel Merman and Bette Midler. Her show is deliciously campy and her interpretation of a song is unique and wonderful. Sharron Matthews's personality and talent really shines as she sails through some of the contemporary hits of the 80's. When she combines Shirley Bassey's "Diamonds Are Forever" with Madonna's "Material Girl" she is able to recreate the original sound of both artists. Her voice is so great that she leaves her audience wanting to hear more. Joe's Pub had a full house full of adoring fans that knew her from Canadian Cabaret. She turned the room into a private party. I felt as if she had a personal relationship to everyone in the audience. Sharron is one of those rare performers that comes along once in a while and gets notices in a downtown club and builds a loyal following a la Bette Midler.


I feel like I did a good job of representing our great country.
New York knows that we have an industry up here in Canada!
My experiences will be passed on to the young people of the community, many of whom got on buses, trains and planes and came to NY to be a part of this.
These young people could see themselves doing this...I could see it in their eyes...which is one of the major goals of this project!
I learned so much during that one week...about the NY community, about cabaret, I talked with amazing artists and saw their work.
I accomplished EVERYTHING that I set out to do!
And I cam in $140.00 underfreakin' budget!
All that I have learned will be taken with me to Edinburgh...which is just two months away!
I have raised just under $22,000.00.
I need $8000.00 more to fulfill my budgetary goal for the World Domination tour of $30,000.00!
I am so close!!
With great hope I am also searching, and I truly believe that I can find, a development donor, who will help me fund the great amount of time and effort that this amazing project takes and has taken.
I also hope that you read this, watch the clips that are attached and see the work I am doing and results I am having!!
You can go to my blog and see the day by day journal I kept there and on Facebook about the amazing week...it was followed by many, many people who believe!!
Become my Facebook FRIEND and here is the blog!!!
or check out my website!
It am in earnest, I believe in what I do.
And the results are astounding!
Become a part of Sharron’s Army!
Please help me realize my goal!
Thank you so much for reading these emails...if you do not want to donate or already have I thank you either way and you can stop here!!!
If you are all moved by the NY journey and wanna still donate...
You can call Buddies in Bad Times @ #416 975 8555 and donate by credit card or you can go to Buddies @ 12 Alexander Street from Tuesday to Saturday between Noon and 5:00pm and do it by cash, cheque or credit card.
* Please just make sure you tell them it is for Sharron Matthews
Or you can send a cheque to me @
101-90 Sherbourne Street
Toronto ON M5A 2R1....
or email me at
All my love and thanks for your help.

Oh yes....and after the show I cam backstage and found this....

This is Wayne....he is my friend and accompanist....HE IS AWESOME!!

HERE are some fun shots of the week and the people who came down!!!

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