Sunday, June 27, 2010

Disbelief /Thankful/ Angry/ Blessed

George and I drove around the city yesterday running one million errands....We went all over the city...the east side of the city...because I decided that Yonge street was a bit like the great wall of China...and going to the other side of the city was just a stupid idea.
As we drove all over the east side you could not go one block without seeing a cop, a cop car, a cop on a horse, a cop with a was really amazing. And a bit scary. I have really only ever seen that on TV.
That is a lucky thing.
As we drove home George talked about how G20's are notorious for having violence of all sorts surrounding them.
I said, "Maybe we will be peaceful."
He said, "Maybe."
At about 3:30pm today, after hearing one million sirens go by our front door (Richmond and Sherbourne) , I turned on CP24 and it was with great sadness, and some fear, that I watched that police cruiser burn.
Why would anyone go to such great lengths to plan and execute such a cowardly act.
Endangering hundreds of people.
There were hundreds of peaceful protesters in Toronto for this G20 is weird that after today I totally forgot about the actual summit...that world leaders are symbolically getting together to try and solve some of the worlds woes.
At least I think that is what they are doing...I am not all political...most of you know that.
But what I do know is that a number of people, cowardly people, came to Toronto to put our police force in a dangerous position...people who work to keep us safe and who have families, to cause local business' a lot of damage, to put our city's citizens in danger, to cause senseless violence...all the while hiding behind a mask, a crowd and black clothing.
Then after they enact this stupid plan they then quickly change their clothes and try to blend in with the tourists?
Just cowardly.
Horribly cowardly.
And stupid.
It made me angry....which made me angry. Do you know what I mean?
These people have enough anger for all of us.
And stupidity.
I also had a moment when I felt blessed that I felt outraged...instead of feeling like this was something that was possible everyday in my my town.
I guess I have that to be thankful least it made me see that cowardly acts like that don't happen here everyday. That today, sadly and blessedly, was the first time tear gas was used in Toronto.
I thank the police, the OPP, the RCMP and all the emergency workers who have taken care of us today and will continue to take care of us through the night and into tomorrow.

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