Monday, July 05, 2010

WEEK 27of WD!?!? DORA. OH CANADA! MIss many things...oh, and Eclipse...yah, I said it...

Holy Frack ( as all those Battlestar Galactica lovers...I still don't get it....say) what a week!
I am gonna keep this shit short!!!
The Dora Awards on Monday...great night!
Went to Pravda (that you Langille!) with Joe, Louise, Kathy and Leslie...and we drank Vodka...did we ever people. It is the first time...believe it or no...that I got a bit tanked up before the Dora show...
I got no pics because my purse was so teeny, tiny, little...itty bitty.
But It was a great show. Jian Gomeshi=awesome host.
Louise won, Christine won, Clinton won....there was a lot of winning... WTG PEOPLE!!!
Tuesday, George went to New was the scene in my house....

That is two sad dogs and a suitcase....the saddest dogs in the world.
It was super crappy.
To make myself feel better I made Michael Hughes take me to the midnight, opening day showing of...wait for it Maria Vacratsis....TWILIGHT: Eclipse.

What a piece of shit.
I mean, first of all I was so freakin' tired because I am 41 years old that I almost fell asleep one million times...and then second of was super crappy.
There was a fuck of a lot of super crappiness that day.
Canada Day @ the Dream in High Park.
Michael honourary companion for some of the events of this week...came with me and someone took this picture and sent it to is myself and the cast of Romeo and Juliet singing the OH CANADA!!! WORLD DOMINATION!
Me and the cast of Romeo and Juliet!!! WORLD DOMINATION!!!

Romeo and Juliet was freakin' awesome by the way!
It runs in the park till September 5th....with the Dora winning Clinton and gotta go....maybe now they won't ask me to take the picture down.
Then I went from being the host of the MR Chin Bikini Contest to the MISS Chin Bikini in two short days....
I was a a bit nervous...but everyone was super nice...I have never seen so many pervs in my life...but there were a lot of supportive people as well...and some supportive pervs...
It was a singular experience...I did grow up in Hamilton and watched the Chin Picnic on TV since I was 12 years old with Johnnie Lombardi...and meeting his son Lenny, who has kept the Chin Picnic alive was an honour....
There were some purty gals....

They were very nice and they jumped around A LOT!!
But this was the awesome strangeness that is WORLD DOMINATION 2010.

And, off the topic of World Domination....or maybe not...I went to see the awesome CHAKA KAHN...well, the top of her wig and sometimes her face....which had A LOT of make up!
Went with my sister and my niece and there we met Jenni Burke, Karen LeBlanc, Michael Lytle and was a nice group....but we were wedged in, people.

I don't know what has happened since New York...but I have become partial to the drink. I go and have drinks all the time.
After we heard that Cyndi was so packed that you had to line up to get into Queen's Park my sis, niece and I went to Betty's and drank...and listened to a bunch of frat boys burp and fart and talk in the voice of their dicks....yes...they are chick magnets.
And effing hot...I sat on a friends lanai....awesome...then we walked up to Gerrard...and I danced for two seconds...and sweated...and went back home...I am all for the know me...but mama too freakin' hot!!
Two things....
Next Saturday @ 10:00pm at the Young Centre (in the distillery) I will do my only Toronto cabaret date this summer....probably till the late please come on out ! Whilst still fund raising I am working my ass off on it...NEW SONGS and MASH UPS people....featuring music by Cyndi Lauper, Beyonce, Elton, Giorgio Moroder...yes...I said it...Duran Duran and the queen of all MADONNA!!!
I would love to see you is gonna be a laid back and awesome night!
STAY TUNED for a HUGE World Domination is HUGE!!
And now...onto Week 28...and 6 weeks till Scotland!!
I cannot believe it!! CANNOT!!
I would still love your donations....I am a bit closer...still waiting on some possible donors and working it! But if you got an extra buck or two....
To donate you can either call Buddies in Bad Times Theatre ( my charitable trustee) at #416 975 8555 during box office hours (noon to 5:00pm, Monday to Saturday) and donate by Credit Card ( Telling the person you speak to that it is for Sharron Matthews Superstar) OR you can mail me a cheque.
Just email me at
and I will send you the address to forward it to!
Thanks for reading...WHAT WILL THE ANNOUNCEMENT BE?!?!?

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