Saturday, July 17, 2010

WE had an Audience!!! Day 4 of Love Loss and Week 29 of World Domination

I mean...look at that picture...I am gonna get one of us all together...we actually had a photo shoot yesterday but THIS is the best place.
This is our tiny, laughter filled, chocolate covered dressing room. It has pink flowers and towels and black dresses and high heel shoes every where.
And I actually feel like I have known these fabulous women for a long time...not 4 DAYS!!!
4 Days!!!
Yesterday we all came in a bit discombobulated...I know that I have spelled that wrong...HOW DO YOU SPELL THAT??!?!?
Everyone had had a morning...we were all some tired...dealing with life outside of long rehearsal days...but we had a media call.
Let me just say right here...I HATE media calls...they are bad for my self esteem...that is the freakin' truth.
And I think...and I am not fishing for compliments...who the frick is gonna wanna talk to me when there is Louise, Andrea, Paula and Mary...NOT FISHING!! SWEAR TO GOD!!
I know their careers are huge...and that I am trying to work mine towards some kind of hugeness...why else would I try and dominate THE WORLD, right?
So, we did part of the play and then we went around in a circle...there was the CBC, the CITYTV, The Classical 96, many...I did a couple...but I always assume it is out of pity...I KNOW!!! SAD!!! WE are so effed...artists are.
We did a LOVE LOSS portrait!!! YAY!! And then a picture with Delia Ephron...beside
It is the simple joys, people.
Funny thing is...I never felt too weird in the media call...these women are confidence boosters...we really are all trying to look out for one another...really...
That Paula, who I did a couple interviews with, is so well spoken...she is just the loveliest young lady...she is 21.
Yes, 21...and we both know the "Baby Got Back"...which I brought in for Andrea today on my IPOD.
We did a went fine...but we really do need an audience!!
We all, all 5 of us and Karen our director, went to dinner at Wish on Charles street...we sat on comfy couches and laughed.
YES, we do a lot of laughing.
And then it was time...all of our weird before show freak outs arose...I wasn't too nervous...but don't get me wrong...I was NERVOUS!!!
The NY Company of LOVE LOSS has very kindly sent down a bunch of cupcakes...beautiful gourmet cupcakes for us...and I went and stood with the young Ned Loach...our wonderful company manager...and we tried to pick a cupcake for me to have after the show...I picked some raspberry cream cheese confection...and I put it at my place and told the ladies that if I got nervous onstage I would think of that cupcake waiting for me.
My relationship with food is interesting and tumultuous.
We stood backstage and got into a circle...and then our cue music a band called...ironically... CAKE...and we entered.
What a fabulous night...I learned so was amazing to have an audience...they reacted unpredictably and predictably....and they made US laugh...and there were parts when I heard peels of joyous solo laughter and gasps of surprise.
I have done many shows and written about them...but there is nothing quite like this.
I feel compelled to write about the whole deal because it is a very singular experience...the short rehearsal, the material, the format, the women involved. It is very....special.
When we bowed I was relieved and excited and thinking and ....OH SO MANY THINGS!
I can't believe that I get to do this for three gotta just gotta come...
And as one of my friends, who came to see the show, left last night...they pressed a paper into my hand..."It is a note for you" was $500.00 for my trip to Edinburgh!!!
Thank you JOAN!!!
Only $5750.00 to GO!!!

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