Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Week 29 of World Domination. First Day of " Love Loss.." Words to learn by...

I woke this morning like it was the first day of school.
I had my outfit hanging on the back of the bedroom door.
I had planned the whole morning beforehand....we didn't start till 1:00pm...which is right fancy, let me tell ya.
Eat breakfast, walk the dogs, go on a bike ride, shower, read the script again (okay, only my parts), get into outfit, onto bike, lock bike at the rehearsal space and pray it doesn't get ripped off and make way to rehearsal room.
I was right nervous...I ain't gonna lie...these are all women who I admire...a lot.
As I walked in a felt a bit heartratetoofast-ie.
4 hours later I was slapping Mary Walsh on the arm and explaining what bleavage is (back cleavage)...and watching Andrea Martin use the "Tex and Edna Boyle" voice and face (WHAT THE FUCK, I almost screamed with joy)...I was pledging my undying love to Paula Brancati (in a scene people) and watching Louise Pitre well up while listening to Mary read a monologue, and then getting a teary eyed myself when Louise read her own.
And the wonderful surprise of the day.... the gorgeous Melissa Thompson is there too! We are lucky to have Melissa as the stand by for ALL the parts in the show.
And there is Karen Carpenter, the director, who I last worked with on Les Miserables US touring company. Les Mis was her last stage management job before she went to the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego to work alongside Jack O'Brien as a director. She has been with Love Loss from the beginning.
I mean, really people....what a freakin' team.
How in the frick did I get here....WAIT!!! I DON'T FREAKIN' CARE!!!
We read...we laughed..I got more and more excited about what this show is gonna be.
And then after dinner we all tried our show outfits on...really it was for Karen...but you wouldn't know it...there was a hush in the room before you walked in...and then a sigh...or a cheer...or simply Mary crying out "Well, it isn't my favourite!"...honesty? Fabulous.
It was like we drank wine and talked together all day...without the wine.
I was worried coming in the it would be weird to read the show from scripts...but I take that thought back...it will be quite freeing. And perfect for the piece.
I didn't have any idea what time it was ALL DAY!
I can't tell you the last time I felt that way in rehearsal.
And I was all sad when the day was coming to a close.
Again....I cannot tell you the last time that happened either...
I am all excited.
We are in the space tomorrow at the Panasonic and Delia Ephron will be there...REALLY!?!?!?
And we were talking about the social media and Mary isn't on Twitter and Andrea isn't on Facebook....jesus wept.
I am gonna do my best to remedy that on lunch tomorrow...
Could I name drop ANYMORE?!?!?!
I think not...but it is WORLD DOMINATION WEEK 29...a little name dropping is in order!
When I got home from rehearsal I found a bunch of emails from people who have ideas to help me raise the rest of my $6500.00 for Scotland!!! THANK YOU!!! Keep 'em coming people!!!
I need yer brains!!!

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