Sunday, July 18, 2010

Week One of Love LOSS DONE!!! Week 30 of World Domination begins TOMORROW!!!

Look at these women!!! JUST LOOK!!!

I cannot believe that it was on TUESDAY of this past week that we all sat down around a table and read thru the script...I met Paula, Mary and Andrea that day...and it feels like we have known each other a the good way.
Today was amazing but started in a less than stellar way....I was tired...though it has been an amazing week we have been burning the midnight oil at LOVE LOSS. And I have also been taking care of ...

THESE GUYS....And I love them but they are huge and need a lot of walking and ball playing...oh, and hugging and I want to make sure that since G is away that they get all they need.

Well, the big dog ran after the ball and came back...with blood all over him...he ripped out...not all the of his claws...fuck. Fuck.
I have to be at the show in an hour...and I have to first aid this pupper.
Frazzled by the time I got to work.
AND...I am sad to say...that my "eff off" five inch Calvin Klein rock and roll heels that I wear in the show had to be kiboshed...I have lost a bit of feeling in a my foot from one of the straps...I AM ONLY SITTING FOR EFF'S sake!!!
I even had a moment this morning where I considered still wearing them...I am just sick.
It was a sad sad moment.
Wayne, my friend in wardrobe, had to take them away.
They set me up with another pair of great shoes...of course.
This aft's show was great!
And then after going home to check on the Big Dog in his cone...A very big cone...every time he barks it is so loud he scares the shit outta himself.
Rode my bike up Sherbourne back to work...I shake my fist at the incline on that hill...and then give it the finger.
The show was one hour early...we are all getting ready...but where was Mary?
At about 6:45pm Melissa Thompson, our stand by, jumps into the room and starts talking about the show with a bit of a wild eyed look...but of course TOTALLY in control...and says that they can't find seems that there has been a miscommunication...and Mary thinks the show is at 8:00pm ...WHAT THE EFF????
I hear Melissa going over stuff in the hall with Karen BUT Andrea has no doubt that Mary will show up...
Which she does!!!
She gets herself together in RECORD time!!!
I shit you not...and we have a GREAT show!!! Our best yet, I think!
And we are awarded a standing finish the week...again...I cannot believe that WE JUST MET....i love this job.
I do.
I look so forward to the rest of the run...
And at the end of the show I got another cheque from a dear friend...thanks LiZ!!!!
Only $5650.00 to go...I CAN DO THIS!!!!
Come to the show...I really think you will like it!!! And I don't even have a take of the door...I must love it!

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Suzanne said...

Yay! Sounds like I was at your best show yet! I was moved at 'bathrobe.' Wow. The whole thing was amazing and all the ladies were perfect. Congrats and I hope that the rest of the run goes as wonderfully as last night (perhaps sans the close call with Mary and the doggy injuries.)