Saturday, July 31, 2010

Naked, Pinsent and Paula has a HUGE family!

So that is Gordon Pinsent.
He is, with all due respect to my very handsome, dashing husband, quite dreamy.
I am so glad that no one told me he was at the show because I promptly would have pooped my pants.
The lady in the pic beside him is Diane Dupuy, the creator of Famous People Players and beside her...her mom.
It is nice to meet the fancy people.
After the picture taking we went to get changed and Mary and I spoke about some plans that we had earlier to go to the Strip Spelling Bee at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre....I haven't been there in ALL TOO LONG!!!
Andrea came out of the bathroom and asked why she wasn't invited...for the record, I was sure I invited everyone!!!
She wanted to come...I am not going to lie to you...I could not believe that I was going to bring these ladies to Strip Spelling Bee.
When we went out front we met Paula's family...let me say here...Paula is Italian...her family is HUGE!!! FREAKING HUGE!!! SO HUGE!!!
And so very nice.
Anyhow, we went to Buddies and we were fawned over by the staff...of course, you get the best treatment there...and proceeded to watch very shy people misspell words that sounded like that name of that volcano in Iceland that irrupted and then the bell would sound on the wrong word...and then the music would start...and they would have to take off one third of their clothes.
Surreal...and SO funny and entertaining.
There was a girl who started to spell a word and then said...."Fuck it, I came here to take off my clothes." and then did so.
We laughed.
Oh how we laughed...
Did you know that the box office at Buddies is open at noon TODAY, Saturday?
And it is open till 5:00pm?
Well, if you felt like giving them a call and helping me reach my goal of $30,000.00 for my tour....I am $20.00 away from $25,000.00....
You could call them...
#416 975 8555.
Have a Great day!
And if you feel like it we have TWO SHOWS TODAY!!!

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