Friday, July 23, 2010

Cupcakes, Flies, SYTYCD and Etalk!

So, I have actually found the time after the show to watch a bit of the TV....SYTYCD....OH MY GOD....I have got to tell you....Paula, Andrea and I are SYTYCD you know that those letters stand for? DO YOU? So You Think You Can Dance, bitches.
I love that I have someone to talk with the show about who doesn't judge my level of intelligence.
Anyway, in the dressing room the last couple of days the three of us have been talking about how all the injuries on the show are scaring us...we also talked about how NO ONES PVR taped the performance episode this week...I just about died...but Paula taught us where to go to watch it on the interweb.
Mary and Louise look on with disbelief as we chatter like the effing Pick a Little Ladies from the fricken Music Man.
Oh everyone at the theatre is afraid to share ANYTHING with me because of my blog....and yet when I didn't write anything yesterday I got shit from Rubinoff, our producer...I am trying to not over do it and leave people wanting more....I have got a LIFE TO LEAD, MICHAEL!!!
Anyhoops, every conversation that I have either begins or ends with "You can't put this on the blog." I am not Hedda Hopper for shitsakes.
I will share that every one of us ate at least ONE cupcake right after the "curtain came down" on opening night...and we ate like there wasn't going to be any food left in the world.
Today we all met at the old MuchMusic building, 299 Queen, to do an interview for ETALK...all the ladies looked so pretty...they wanted us to bring a piece of clothing or jewelery that meant something to us and talk about it ...hard for Mary who is away from home...Andrea brought her spanks...I wore my Grama's locket and Louise wore a dress she wore on a trip to Spain...when she was 16!!! 16!!! And it still fits and looks beautiful...I mean, jesus wept.
The poor producer who was interviewing us couldn't get a word in edgewise.
We had a great house lady in particular who had the best the second row.
I love looking at all the girlfriends who have gotten their group together to come to the show...there is nothing like a group of chicks...they love hard and hold a grudge until the world ceases to spin.
We are interesting creatures.
Four thoughts and things to end off.....
1. There is a TV show on TLC called "DC Cupcakes" is on right after "Say Yes To The Dress" (LOVE SAY YES!!!!) and the women who run the cupcake shop remind of the characters that Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon played on Delicious you know what I mean? These women make me wanna slap them...I cannot help it.
2. While walking the dogs tonight a huge stretch Hummer went by with a girl hanging out the window screaming out "It's My Birthday!" you think her girlfriend is holding her hair as we speak, while she throws up in a bathroom?
3. Mary Walsh, on opening night, told me while I was in the limo twittering that "You can either be with your phone or here with me..." I chose Mary....but my phone was very sad.
4. There is still a fly that will not EFFING LEAVE US ALONE onstage...I hate it I hate it I hate it
OH! And hello to Dawn and Wayne who take care of us backstage....they mentioned that they felt a little put out that I had not written about them...WELL HELLO YOU TWO!!! See you in about 12 hours.

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The Figment Factory said...

I just laughed myself silly over this post :>)
I miss you ALL !!!
Where are the pix of Andrea and I in the limo - I want to prove I actually KNOW her and that we went to Prom together! hahahahahaha
Tell Di to put some bowls of sugar water offstage - that fly will suck it all up and drown itself...xxxo, KC