Thursday, July 29, 2010

HOLY CRAP!!! I am two weeks from the Ed Fringe and Love Loss Continues to make me love my life.

HOLY Crap....I have never worked so effing hard in my life...
Yes, people, my fingers fly across the keyboard at lightening speed...take that, Miss Pugh...(she was my bitchy 10th grade Typing teacher...yes, I had a typing teacher...and she informed me that I would never make a good secretary...I BEG TO DIFFER!!!) and I write letters and answer emails....
There are a lot of final touches to put on my Edinburgh tour but, basically, we are is just the small getting a phone internationally...what a freakin' pain in my ass that is.
I am in a bit of a mood.
What got me OUT of this very mood yesterday was, without a word of a lordy lie, going to do the show twice.
Those ladies just make my day.
They really do.
There is nothing like sitting around before the show in curlers and chatting about the fine arts of lingerie selection and joke telling to clear your head...and without being too indelicate...wait! Is that too indelicate, Sharron?....oh, maybe I will just leave that alone.
Yesterday, during the show, I looked at Mary Walsh and saw that she had one tiny pin curl at the back of her head...I was obsessed with it for the whole time.
There are things in the show that make me laugh and think, imagine...and I wish we could take a second right then and there to chat about it ...but, as you might is the wrong time!
Every time Louise says "Champagne and Wedding Cake" I salivate.
Whenever Paula talks about boots I think of how it is a totally crappy that I and my thick calved sisters in the world have no access to a great boot with a wide calf. SHUT OUT!!!
Whenever Andrea does her East Indian accent I think about how she played Apu's mother on the Simpsons.
And when we get to the Bra Section I wonder if Mary is gonna...I can't even say it...
But she hasn't yet.
Just for the record.
I love these women.
I really do...watching them work their stories is the high point of my day.
The 'Women Fully Clothed" came last night (Robin Duke, Kathryn Greenwood and Teresa Pavlinek) and I am so glad I didn't know...I would have been a mass of nerves. And Libby Znaimer way there too!
I had to restrain myself from asking if she could find out if her dad got my sponsorship package.
And I sit, with my huge dogs, and continue to raise money...
There was a flow that began yesterday...Dawn gave me a $50.00 THANK YOU DAWN!!! And a bunch of people called BUDDIES!!
I will only know how much I received whey I go to pick up a cheque from them today.
But I do need more my friends!!!
I really do!
Check out my video , the link is....

It is my fastest climber in hits I have EVER had ...I think it is the puppies and the Fashion Crimes Dresses!!!
Check it out!!
Can you Help me?
Have a great day EVERY ONE!!!

This is a picture of my George in front of Duart Castle in Scotland....just for a smile...isn't he handsome?
Oh and scroll down a post for ALL donation information!

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