Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 3 LOVE LOSS....Costumes, stools, fancy things...I feel like a princess...

There is nothing that can compare to being treated like a princess.
In the show we all sit in a line up along the front of the stage...the 5 of us...for an hour and a half...but during is all day.
And Karen keeps bringing us things...better binders for our scripts...better and fancier chairs for our butts...little boxes for our Calvin Klein (my Calvin Klein...yes.) eff off high heels to perch on...little. special water bottles for tea or water during the show...
I watch the fancy people on movie sets get treated this way...and here I am...I hope this doesn't spoil me for the real life (read: it already has.).
Yesterday we ran the show all the way thru...I really think it is something else...the stories are funny, surprising, and moving...and so very familiar.
What happened yesterday...oh! Louise was shooting "Star Portraits" yesterday so the lovely Melissa stepped in to read Gingy for a while.
I forgot to mention that Delia Ephron came the day before is always great to get to the bottom of the story with the person who wrote it.
She is a freakin' is pretty cool. risk sounding like a total really is quite a magical experience.
With this year's whole World Domination theme I am alternately stunned and gratified to be doing this piece...I read a number of scenes with Andrea and I remember watching her in Melonville (remember Melonville with Johnie LaRue and Lola Heatherton?) with that amazing SCTV cast on my crappy black and white TV growing up.
And Mary...Mary who burned all Stephen Harper's sweater vests on the beach and caught a horrible conservative backlash for it...we talked about that yesterday...also yesterday Mary was staring mine and Paula's way...Paula and I are in the stage left end of the line up...we were taking a break...and Mary had her glasses on so it was hard to see her eyes in the glare of the lights.
It bears mentioning here that earlier Mary and I were talking about how we need to get our roots touched up before opening....onward.
She was staring down mine and Paula's way and said..."Oh! I can really see how that dark outline makes your face look square and you DON'T have a square face...." I turned and looked at Paula...and thought "Her face isn't square at all."...and when I turned back I caught the end of Mary saying "....we really do need to get our roots done..."
She looked stricken...and I started to laugh and laugh...not even pretend laugh...the "to cover up embarrassment laugh"...NO it was a true gut was like when a sister, who feels so comfortable with you, tells you something about yourself.
Mary said to tell you here that she tried very hard to make it all better and that she didn't mean it badly. It was a brilliant moment....really.
There is something amazing about 5 women all hanging around together...the stories that they tell, that you hear, the things you say...and the chocolate that is getting eaten.
I sound all lordy.
But as of yesterday....Andrea still focused on the Butt Song, Mary and I need our roots done, Louise learned to draw ( you gotta come see), and Paula...she freakin' got the slammin-est outfit...
Yes....slammin-est...I am trying to stay current with the young people.
And, of all things....and audience

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