Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day off...WHERE THE EFF WERE YOU and I look like and asshole.

I didn't sleep till 4:00am and then I was up at 9:00am to go and get my new natural hair colour rootified. It is my hair colour. I bought it....it is mine.
That is the way to begin a day off! It was great to see my hair Guru, Bill....for many reasons...he is funny, he is handsome, he tells a good joke...he won't give me bangs no matter how hard I ask...that is a sad part actually...he also saw the show on Sunday night so I made him tell me all the parts he liked best...I sure he was exhausted by me...but he humours me.
Then back home to pick up the big dog and off we went to the vet...the little dog was more than a little upset because they are never apart.
Walking the big dog without the little dog is like having a compass where the true north is effed up.
Basically he walks like he is drunk and has ADD.
And I look like an asshole.
When we got to the door of the vet he remembered where we were and he laid down all of his 120 pounds and dug in.
It took my nurse friend and I a while to get him in and on the scale...the scale part I can understand...who wants that? I told him I wouldn't tell anyone and he sat down on it but left his right ass off the scale...like mother like puppy.
Then he began to drool whatever it is that his body manufacters. It is a liquid that flows out of his jowls...it is like something you could have fixed the Titanic with...if it gets on your clothes...forget it...change your outfit.
And he begins to cry...breaks you heart.
When he is nervous he sits down and slides back into George and myself...and since George wasn't there...There I sat with my legs in the air...he had backed into them...and whenever I tired to put them on the floor he backed in farther.
See...look like an asshole.
But if it makes him feel better...
Then they call his name...OH just before they called his name a very serious vet came out staring at a chart and then looked around intently around the waiting room and said "Fluffy"...for some reason that cracked me up....so they called Tyson's name and I walked to the vet holding Tyson's chart...and Tyson walks...out the door of the clinic...just turned and put his two big paws in the air and leaned...that was all it took.
When we finally got him in the room I was covered in hair and drool and he had broken one of my flip flops.
So, they took him in the back and gave him a local...can you IMAGINE if they put that big dog under and took care of him...two people had to hug him really hard...but they took are of him.
Now I have 2 bottles of millions of pills and Tyson has a limp and a pink bandage...they thought he could pull it off.

I didn't cut off his head on purpose...this was a picture of his sweet monster feet...yes...I have one thousand pictures of these dogs...like this one...

He is lying on her and she is trying not to kill him.

So, that took up a good deal of the day as well as Fundraising for the trip to Edinburgh!!For those of you just joining the "Sharron Matthews Superstar:World Domination Tour Train" check out www.sharronmatthews.com for tour details...or check out this video and it will tell you all you need to know!

I have raised $24,000.00 on my own!! I am only just under $5500.00 away and I DO believe that I can do this in the next three weeks!!
Do you have an extra $25.00?
Email me at me@sharronmatthews.com and I will tell you how to get it to me!
I sent off to some fancy foundations last week...I am casting my net WIDE!!!
I was running around the city like a ....I am too sleepy still to come up with an analogy. I was running to the bank....running donation cheques to Buddies...because I got some cheques after the shows last week...thank you again Liz and Joan!

Late last night one of my Tweeple...yes, I said it...tweeted that our production photos for LOVE LOSS were up....I was very excited!!!


Back to rehearsal today and then a show tonight!
Opening is tomorrow!

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Brandon N. said...

I feel honored to be mentioned in your blog about the show pics!