Thursday, July 22, 2010

Opening, Mystery Donation and Sleep over!!! WORLD DOMINATION !!!

I woke this morning with a 120 pound dog in my bed and Louise and Joe on my couch.
How in the eff???
Yesterday was great...all roller-coaster emotions... “what to wear?” thoughts...the standard opening day “hope I don’t humiliate myself” freak out accompanied by an upset stomach. Everything on track.
We had a small but mighty audience of people for the matinee...but after my Victor Garber freak out it was for the best...
I forgot to tell you all that I have gotten a lot of new followers on twitter!! Thanks you guys! I will do my best to make the “World Domination Tour” interesting to read about! It has already been a bit of a panic so far so ones hopes are up!!!
I also got a couple lovely letters that were sent to me through my website (see what I did there? I am a media whore)
This one was from a lovely lady named Amanda....

“After discovering your blog I felt compelled to write. My boyfriend and I were in the fourth row for the opening night of "Love Loss" and absolutely loved it. You were all brilliant...
( Amanda says something nice here about me that I think would be just bragging on my part and I endeavor to remain as ego I can.) I then googled you (apologies for the ignorance) and discovered your blog, to which I'm now addicted. I'm also going back over my life in clothing terms (having not had a marriage, divorce, birth or major operation to refer to), and am wondering what the hell I wore before the age of 20 apart from a school uniform!!

Thanks for a great show and blog. I look forward to reading about the rest of the run (although I feel like I'm missing out by not being there for every performance).


Thanks be to YOU Amanda!!

After the matinee I received about one million emails (I know...I exaggerate...we all know this by now) about various things...but there were a number asking for the donation info for my from Cody...he is in ‘Rock of Ages’...he had a merchandising suggestion....

“Also..."Sharron Matthews World Domination Tour" Jock Straps? too much? or should I say too little?”

Interesting thought, thank you Cody!!!
I also received and anonymous donation for $500.00 yesterday....with a lovely, very personal message attached.
You know who you are, and I thank you.
I love a mystery.

I only need...$4923.00!!!
I can do this!!!
Here is donor info, just in case you feel moved to join the ‘Sharron Matthews Superstar: World Domination Tour 2010 ARMY!!!’

To donate you can either call Buddies in Bad Times Theatre ( my charitable trustee) at #416 975 8555 during box office hours (noon to 5:00pm, Tuesday to Saturday) and donate by Credit Card ( Telling the person you speak to that it is for Sharron Matthews Superstar) OR you can go there (address below) during box office hours and donate by cash, debit or credit in person (again, Telling the person you speak to that it is for Sharron Matthews Superstar) OR you can mail a cheque to
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1B4
*Please make the cheque out to Buddies in Bad Times with Sharron Matthew Superstar in the memo line, and we will promptly send a tax receipt.*

I would appreciate any help I can get!!!

After a very quick (sorry big and little dog) visit home and an outfit grab I was back at the theatre and getting ready for the opening...there were flowers and presents...and excitement...and an achy tummy...and nerves that the audience would hate me...oh lord...artists are messy.

Michael Rubinoff gave a very moving heartfelt speech to us...all in our curlers and flip flops...before the show...I have never heard anything like it.

It was amazing.
I looked into the house and there were all my Shelley (with a glass of champagne in her hand) , Sasha, Susan, Peter, Nada, Grant, Sara, many friendly was a great show, we thought.
A solid show.

And then we got changed...I am going fast here to get through it all...and got into a limo...which is, oddly, never graceful...and went to the party.


This is me and Hubert...our social media MAN!!!

Faces on Cakes!!!

Holy crap my face is on that cake...if that ain’t World Domination I don’t know what is.
I had a couple glassed of wine...when I heard myself talking to people and beginning my sentences with “ I just wanna say....” I knew that I had drank enough and it was time to go home.
For the record here...I just want to say...Paula Brancati’s parents are so good looking almost passed out.
I was, of course, one of the last to leave...Rubinoff wanted to go for chinese...but this gal has gotta walk her Sara, Michael and I stumbled to Pizza Pizza...classy...and had a slice.
Then I got in walked the dogs and was peaceful...ahh...a job done!
At 1:30am my cell was Joe Matheson...Louise’s husband...they had locked themselves out of their house...could they sleep on the couch.
There they were in their party the door...the dogs were so happy to see them...Joe and Louise are the only other people that can walk our monster dogs...that they all love each other...
I do love a sleep over.
It was with a vision of Joe and Louise lying foot to foot on my couch (I offered my bed but they would have none of it) that I laughed myself to sleep...and I guess I invited to big dog on the some point.
What a freakin’ night.
And we got for effing stars in the Toronto Star.
WE miss Karen Carpenter already.
The only thing missing.

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Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Congrats on the effing stars! The show was fantastic! You are definitely on your way to becoming a world dominatrix. Nice to see you'll be stopping by my hometown in the Greater Hamilton Area. I miss it there.

Here's my two cents on last night's fashion sense: