Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Amost opening! Victor Garber! Paula and I switch characters...so many things.

Holy effing day.
At the risk of sounding...this is for my friend and director Karen Carpenter...lordy...this is one of the best years of my life.
I read that line back and almost got rid of it...because it does sound truly lordy...but it is true...
MY whole “World Domination 2010” started as a tongue in cheek title with a very hopeful intent.
It is July....and in the last 7 months I have raised $24,000.00 dollars so far for my Toronto/New York/Edinburgh tour, enjoyed amazing support; both financial, emotional and spiritual, from countless friends and acquaintances, I went to New York and experienced an amazing week of promotion, education and cabaret and then did my New York debut at Joe’s Pub, I have hosted amazing and fun events, sung at openings and special occasions...and others have seemed to also get caught up with the whole idea and are celebrating it as well...and that is just what I can remember right now at midnight!!
And in 3 weeks I go to Edinburgh...
BUT before then I have been handed this gift...I know I have gone on about it on my blog...but ‘Love Loss and What I Wore’ is one of the best experiences I have ever had.
It really is.
Oh, I gush and I have not even had a drink.
Today we had our last rehearsal with our amazing director Karen Carpenter...I will miss her very much...and I have not said this in....GOD...years...I will miss rehearsing...that just made me pass out.
There is one scene that has been bothering her (Karen) between Paula and I...so, in the spirit of the show and the rehearsal time...we switched characters.
That made me poop my pants tonight.
Before the show, in our dressing room...yes, we all share a dressing room, we were talking about actors and celebrities who you idolize and then you meet them and you find out they are...how you say...not all you hoped.
And I said to Andrea, “Oh, your friend Victor Garber! He is someone I always admired and when I met him on the Music Man set he was such a LOVELY man!”
Andrea says, “He is probably coming to the show...do you wanna know when he is coming?”
Me say, “NO!!!”
So, we do our Rock and Roll entrance...which is very cool...and the first person I see?
Victor Garber.
And then I see Andrea’s sister waving like mad at her.


So, I proceed to shit my pants.
It was a challenging show...it was very live...and I was a bit mumble mouthed...I was very nervous...did I mention that?
As we got closer to the scene that we had switched I began to poop more and more...not really...just figuratively...I think I need to clarify that...the scene in question was at the end of the show...of course.
It went so well.
It could not have gone better.
Paula is such a lovely actress...I am lucky to be acting with her!
Thank you Karen!
When the show was over the producer, Michael Rubinoff, asked us to stay around and get pics with Victor and Marilyn Dennis who was there...they were so kind...both of them...so was Andrea’s sister Marcia and her friends...they loved it.
They really did.
Victor was so kind that I actually cried a bit.
I am such a lord.
I truly have “What the eff am I doing here and how did I get here moments every day!!”
Chatting with Mary and watching her work a story, seeing Andrea talk to Karen and work out a laugh, watching Louise draw herself for all to see, doing a scene with Paula....man.
Thank you to the UNIVERSE!!!
Tomorrow night is opening!
I am sure I will be nervous...but I can’t wait...I really can’t wait.

The only thing missing?


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