Sunday, January 06, 2008

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

I, obviously, must have finished working with other humans everyday because I find myself at the computer writing on my blog everyday.....these are the thoughts that I would pester my dressing-room mates with or my piano player.....but with Oz being over, me taking a little break from the Party, Georgie rehearsing in Hamilton and Otto ( my 14 year old pup) clearly using his age as a weapon to pretend that he is deaf to my natterings....I must turn to the fabled three of you who read this....
I really have not left the house much since Jan 2nd.....I happily get into my pajamas when I get home from anywhere.....even when it is 2:00pm in the damned afternoon and could not be happier!
I think I could quite possibly be a hermit wih great ease!
As I was laying on the couch today at noon in my robe and slippers watching my newest discovery.....Paranormal State on A and E...awesome!......Blythe, my friend, called me an invited me to a slipper-covered feet screamed...... "NOOOOOO! Stay home".....but my ass screamed..."Get off of me!!!! I am can't see anything"
So, I say yes....then she tells me it is at the Cumberland.....and to me that only means...subtitles.....oh, and that this is the place where they still put real butter on the popcorn ...good to know, eh? See what you can learn on ths blog?
Even though th subtitles make me wanna stay on the couch ......I don't get to see Blythe enough because she lives away I say "YES! I should get out of this house!"
After I say yes....she tells me that it is this film...yes, it is a film, not a movie.....about a man who can only communicate with his left eye.......
I should get out of the house.
I should get out of the house.
I should get out of the house.
I decide to remain firm on my decision.....then she says the name and the time and I agree to meet her.......
I thought that it was called 'Driving Hell to With the Butterflies" ....which I soon found out .....after my 9 minute cab drive to the Cumberland where my cabdriver taught me about all the the evils of communist party in China.....
did you know that the communist party has been in power there since 1949 .....and that 80 million people have gone missing since that year in that country....I did find it very interesting.....
Where was I?
Oh ya.......I soon found out the title was 'The Diving Bell and the Butterfly'....just for the record...I like my title better.
We got in the theatre a bit late....and have to say....I was a bit worried about my enjoyment level for the next two seemed 'all serious......ness'.....and though I thought it good to embrace my serious side.....I was till worried about the part of me that loves anything staring Will Ferrell.
Do you ever feel like you go to fancy serious movies.....I am sorry, feel a bit smart and superior?
Me too.
Anyhow......the film was soooooo good.....I loved it!
It is about a very successful french dude who suffers a stroke and then has 'locked-in' syndrome.....he can hear and see out of one eye but cannot move or might think it too maudlin but it was suprisingly funny and moving!
The last ten minutes of the movie ......oh.....wait ...I don't want to give it away.....but let me just was shot without the benefit of steady cam I felt a bit I left to go to the bathroom and missed the last 5 minutes of the film.....
Ass.....but still....wowie!
Now, I am home after taking a gravol....still feeling a bit naseuous......god I am fragile ....I am all over sleepy and feeling sad and inspired by this film.
Go see it!
I am soo glad that Blythe asked me to go.....especially when she knows the low level of my entertainment factor....thank god I have good friends who are helping me try to stretch my 'Kraft Dinner Hamilton Girl' tastes.....
Mmmm....Kraft Dinner........thank god there is a store across the street!


ari said...


happy new year :)

all your posts filled me with gleeeeee...blythe told me all about the movie today-- and lourdes...

how exciting!!!


Montreal_Paul said...

I so want to see that butterfly in hell movie! We finally got to Sweeny on the weekend: hmmmm. Some parts great,some not so. Oh just to have some simple buckets of blood being poured back and forth on the stage, and no one played the tuba.
Check out Lynn Crosbie's column in the Globe today: it is about britney and I think you will like.