Friday, January 11, 2008

Well, it finally happened!
My old dinosaur of an Acer computer, which I have fondly called Edna for the last 6 years.....yes.....six whole years.....shouldn't they last as long as a couch?.....they cost the fricken same amount........where the hell was I?.....oh ya......Edna just turned over and would not let me access her floppy.....yep......I said floppy......she has decided that the interface years are over.
What the hell to do now?
It ain't like anyone can afford a computer....but sadly I need one.
So, I pulled out the trusty Future Shop card, the only way I can purchase what I need, peeps....and got A MAC!
(Play heavenly music here.)
I am 

in bed......blogging.
I have so much new news that I will be announcing on the blog today!
New news.....what is that .....repititious repitition!
So, George and I are doing a two hander play in Orangeville next month.
It is called Ropes End and I have to say that I am quite excited.
Life just changes whenever it wants, huh?
I was supposed to have a whole nother different  year in my plans that exist in  my head!
Oh well, go with the flow.
Then I am artistic director for the Dark Night Cabaret Series that Acting Up Stage will be presenting this year......oh what a line up I have come up with....I am also doing a night of a new show!
It is March 10th ( my night) 11th, 17th and 18th @ the Berkley Upstairs Space!
Very exciting! if that weren't already enough,
I am doing at show in April for Sky Gilbert @ is a play with music!
It is called Happy! 
Oh ya.....and I have a Sharron's Party at the Rose Theatre in Brampton on Feb 7th!
Can you take it!!!!
So many awesome things.....and, of course, April is the time that George goes off to Shaw to play Fredrick in A Little Night Music.....
Exhausted with the good news!
And happy with the MAC Bedblogging.
One more thing.......what about all of those stinking American Idols being released from their record contracts?
What has happened to Justin Guarini?
Taylor Hicks was voted for by one billion people...yet 6 of them bought his record!
Ruben who?
I am still wondering......where is Clay?
I liked him.
I could not help it....he was one of my people, whether he admitted it or not.
Why would anyone still watch that crappy show?


karen said...

I love that you're blogging regularly again!

But I can't believe we're missing you and George doing a show together in our own hometown! Sadness. :( I will certainly make my mother go, though. ;)

I'm so ecstatic about the fact that you have so many varied and interesting projects coming up...just makes me so happy that you're so busy with other work AND that you're having so much success with your own shows, too. You go! :D

Sharron Matthews said...

Hey Karen, thank you for your kind words.....just a girl trying to have some fun and make a buck! How are you guys.........

Tammy said...

This is where Clay is:

I just saw this online today and remembered reading your post asking about him. I wonder if he can act?

karen said...

Sorry I'm replying to this fifty years later... ;)

We're good...things are actually going really well here. There have been minor snags along the way, but it's been a life-changing experience, really, and I'm so glad that we decided to do this. Though we're both fundamentally the same people, we've both been through a lot of changes, too, which I think have been positive. We've also seen some great shows, shopped, drank, met some amazing people, and just generally enjoyed living in such a cool city. (Oh, and we work sometimes, too. :))

Still miss everyone from home like crazy, though, especially when I read your blog!