Sunday, January 20, 2008

National Velvet......

My BFF Thom and I got together tonight for the first time in a while......wanna know how gay we are?
We listened to broadway  showtunes on my MAC...really!
Then we felt the ennui and decided that we needed to go see some trash movie.....
National Treasure: Book of Secrets!
Oh my.....did all of these actors take this movie because they were told that the other actors were taking it.....
Helen Mirren: Oh well, Ed Harris is in it.
Ed Harris: Well, Helen Mirren is in it.
Nicholas Cage: Why did I get a face job and plugs?
Oh my ......
What the fuck happened to Nick Cage?!!!!!
Thom mentioned that he heard he had work but holy shit.....everytime the camera got close everyone in the theatre winced!
Nothin' about him looked real...which made me sad because he looked like he might be down to earth.
Anyhow...Thom and I got there just before the movie started and sat beside a family of four who had obviously gotten there early to get a good seat....the daughter and son looked like they were totally doing this to make their parents happy.....then just as the lights went down and the movie started the tallest ....I know I have a tendency to exaggerate sometimes but this time not......THE TALLEST man I have ever seen walked into the is like when you are on the plane and seated and the seat next to you is empty and someone walks down the aisle with a new are praying that they sit with the big dude in front of back to the movie theatre.....we all just cringe and wait....then he sits his huge self right in front of the daughter....and I lean forward and have to cover my mouth....they rearrange all of their family seating and then the worlds tallest dude gets up and changes his seat....the son leans forward and turns to Thom and I and in his best stage whisper says " That guys was like seven feet tall, right?"
Oh my....laughter ensued.
The movie made me laugh and yawn just a bit....but I was with Thom so we made our own fun talking about how snatched Helen Mirren unbelievable the Jon Voight is still out there good looking Ed Harris is with his texan accent.....
At the end I guess we might have talked too loud because the guy sitting directly in front of Thom and I stood in front of us for all of the credits....he was the last one in the theatre.
Fun killer.

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