Wednesday, January 09, 2008


And you thought I was talking about Nicolette Sheridan's fake ta ta's.......( I tried to pick the most fake looking pair that I can think of).......
George was watching the People's Choice Awards while I was dismateling ( I can't spell, you know what I mean) the XMAS tree and then I asked him where the audience audience?!
%&$#&^* What?!
Then the news started that there was gonna be NO GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS!
#$@#%# WHAT?!
Oh my lord!
I live for award season.
The dresses, the hair, the fashion misteps, the fake tans, George Clooney.......
Other things......
And the G.G.'s are my fave award show....wanna know why?
Two Reasons
1. Because they are at dinner and are allowed alcohol.....remember the year Sharon Stone got up and all but showed her woo woo during a speech for Martin Scorcese.
They get a bit drunk and then they speechify!
What could be better?
2. The Movie People have to mingle with the TV people......who are seated 3 football fields away from the stage.....if is like the caste system in India for shit sakes......
make one crappy film and you get to move to table #470 with a Baldwin Brother....who is not Alec!
I am sooooo sad!
What about the Oscars?
What if they cancel them?
I just fainted and came back to.
Otto, my dog, licked my face with his bum bum breath and woke me!
Say it ain't so!
On another note.....Paul from Montreal.....I tried to get that Lynn Crombie article on line but they wanted to me pay for it!
Now I am gonna have to buy it.....I can't stop know how I am obsessed with you and my obsession are costing me a buck......


Montreal_Paul said...

omg! don't pay! just go to a starbucks and look for yesterday's globe review section! And girlfriend, just so long as the tony's happen, does any other awards show matter???

KYLiE said...

I agree with Paul on the Tonys...although they always seem to be a bit boring. I want more performances, less chatty. The Oscars are a huge deal you think they'd cancel them? They've already been shortlisting (I know this only because my boyfriend is taking me to a documentary tonight that has been shortlisted...) so maybe there's hope! Anyway, thanks for blogging - gave me a smile today!