Wednesday, January 16, 2008

ENCHANTED, I'm sure.

So, I tried to see Enchanted on Saturday night....I have gayly been waiting to see it since it came out but with the 400 Wizard of Oz'z and the Sharron's Parties I had to  George and I are on our way there...we had to drive to the Golden Mile at Warden and Eglinton...near the old hood...feels far as France now....and in the car I feel a bit off...but we arrive late...surprise... and have crappy seat choices because it is packed....I am immediately angry at everyone who is in the cineplex for not seeing the movie earlier.....we end up getting seats in the back beside a woman who has taken a whole bottle of the Giorgio knock off and poured it all over herself.....and then bought the biggest tub of popcorn in the land....that is not a the best combination of smells in the world......then the movie does some visual dips and dives and I turn to George and tell him....
"We have to go"
"We have to go."
"Because I am gonna puke."
Everyone out of the pool.....nothing makes a person move faster than the threat of vomit.
George, having been with me for 15 years, knows that I can spew with the best of 'em so he gets me the fuck out of there.
I was super sad.
I really wanted to see it.
Then !
He took me to the Scotia on Monday to the biggest theatre to see it.
We love him....he watched the first part twice.
He must truly love me.
I could not be gayer for it!
I loved everything about it,
I loved that Amy Adams......can you believe that Idina Menzel was in a musical movie and didn't sing.....though she can do no wrong by me, in the beginning she was doing some big MT acting but she managed to dial it back a bit.....don't you think?
I liked McDreamy....when he sang that little bit I cried ....eff you judgers!
I did not like Susan Sarandon's platform shoes......they were too Paul Stanley from 'Kiss'..she should have had a high thin heel.
And George thought that they could have done a better job on James Marsden's hair.....hmm....really George?
But other than that......


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