Monday, January 28, 2008

The Screen Actors Guild? I never!

Oh my god!!!!
You guys!!!!
I didn't know but I was up for a SAG award!
I was sitting here watching the only awards show on TV.... I was so excited that I almost peed!
I did!
How many exclamations can I use in this blog?
All of the dresses....all of the make up......all of the boobjobs....all of the thank you speeches being run over inside of coifed brains.....
Then John Travolta and Nicki Blonsky came onstage and announced that the Hairspray movie was up a "Best Cast" award!
I was in the cast!!!!
I was!!!!
Then they showed a clip.....I was in it twice.....that was two more times than James Marsden..... and he played Corny effing Collins....I screamed soo fucking loud that George almost jumped off of the couch!
I was excited like I was.......when something awesome would happen when I was in my twenties.....before I was jaded!
Then.....I didn't was sad.......hmm.
All of my excitement gone... so fast.
I never win anything.
Here are a couple thoughts about the SAG awards!
Charles Durning, Mickey Rooney, Julie Christie, Ruby Dee.......
Old people scare me.
Is that wrong?
At least I am honest.
Is that Kate Hudson goona break up Matthew McConnaghy's relationship?
She is a bit of a homewreaker.
Do you think Angelina and Brad even remember Jenn?
Vanessa Williams dress looked like it wanted to go south.
And lastly, I loved Daniel Day Lewis' speech.
He is one class act.

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