Friday, August 20, 2010


Oh my two days...this place is freakin' crazy....just effing nuts.Yesterday I went here...

The Half Price Hut and flyering and tried to perfect my pitch....some people don't even make contact as they fling their hand into your face and say "NO." and others...well, when I stood beside them for a couple of minutes and then asked them casually if they "Wanna see a cabaret?" I am selling drugs....they get this funny look on their faces that is screaming "CONVINCE ME" and we are off to the races for about 2 minutes...I throw in as many movie titles, musical titles, review quotes...and then in the words of my dear husband I tell them that if they don't like it I will eat the bug of their choice...always finishing on a hopeful high note.It was a gorgeous day yesterday...a beautiful day to walk to the Half Price Hut....through the highways and biways...did I spell that right? was my walk!

The kids and the producer from West End Glee Club came out to the show last was a decent house...I still struggle with the obsession of filling the seats...but there wasn't anyone from the Half Price Hut.


But we went out for Italian last night...

....during which whenever the young swarthy waiter came over to chat with the table Gwillim would call me a douche...he is so naughty.

I loves him...he is just the best sport!

And the awesomest player!!! Hi WAYNE'S MOM!!! She reads this...I almost didn't write the douche part because of that, but I can't curb my art, Wayne's Mom. Besides that you brought up the best boy!

Today, due to a fuck up on my part...some miscommunications that I heard wrong...does that make sense?...we walked over to New Town and were late and missed the well reviewed and Canadian Invisible Adam...I really fucked up...sorry Anthony!

I have been feeling a bit under the weather....fighting a cold and pretending that I am not while Derrick waited to apologize to Anthony (Invisible Adam) I went to the Half Price Hut...I was just so tired...a bit stressed about tickets...and fatigued...that I laid down on the grass outside the Half Price Hut...and looked at this view....

...and fell asleep.Lord.

For effs sake.

But kept my 2:00pm meeting with Erv Raible, head of the Cabaret Conference at Yale University...he has the distinction of having started MAC ( Mahattan Association of Cabaret Artists) and owned, at one time, Don't Tell Mamas and Eighty Eights among many other achievements...and he came to my opening night...he is a dear man and we had a great conversation...and he came to my show tonight.

Thanks Erv!What a great new friend...

Big House tonight!

We had bought an ad on the List for a couple of days and some people came due to that...some came due to my AWESOME reviews!!! WOOO WOOO 5 STARS!!!

And some just curious and satisfied, I am hoping...

Then after the show Wayne and I came back to the place to chill before going to the 12:30am to 3:00am showcase at Lach's is at the Gilded Balloon...what a fucking good time...You have to sign up and then you pick a number...I was number 9.Lord...I cannot remember the last time I sang that late...OH WAIT!!! I never have...The audience was VERY youngest yet...very University...and frankly those people scare me...but I decided to be brave as Derrick looked on with have got to love that...he will see anything...and Wayne, on work vacation, two fisted a pear beer and a G & T (Wayne's Mom, he was still great to worries!). We saw some great acts!!! you must go if you are over here...AFTER you have seen my show!

There are comics, bands, solo singers...a magician who got down to his bare ass nakedness (THEY CANNOT WAIT TO GE THEIR CLOTHES OF OVER HERE!!!) and Caroline Rhea was on the same bill...we are both also doing a showcase called "Edinburgh Tonight" on Saturday...fuck...tomorrow!!!

When we finally got to the stage the piano was ONE WHOLE TONE LOWER and I was just so tired that I was LYING down on the stage at the end...BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY strikes AGAIN!!! What a laugh!

The time is just flying so fast....Anyway...I forgot to mention before the show...that Derrick, when we met him at the Gilded Balloon, was very excited and then he showed me this...

This is Broadway Baby Offline....a HUGE DAILY Festival publication...and today... ALL DAY...I am on the cover with my 5 STAR review...I cannot believe it...WE WERE SO CHUFFED, as they say over here!! There are 2500 shows...and I was on the front...YAYAYAYAY!!!

I await the big papers coming...but I LOVE that the 5 star reviews I am getting are from the people...who are coming to see the show and taking the time to write about are the three I got they are all on

Really Great Cabaret Show!

Rating: 5.0 STARS

Reviewed by Matt McPhaden

August 19, 2010

While I was attending the West End Glee Club (a fantastic show with some incredible young singers), the audience was introduced to a special guest performer named Sharron Matthews. I had never heard of her before, but will look out for her now. She sang an amazing version of Don't Stop Believing that had me forgetting Journey and Glee. After the show, someone gave me a flyer to her show, Sharron Matthews Superstar, so I attended last night. She was just as amazing in a full cabaret show as she was during that one number. I loved her voice and her personality and the stories she told to go with the songs she sang. Don't miss this show.

Sharron Matthews, Superstar? Yes, she is!

Rating: 5.0 STARS

Reviewed by Jane Smythe

August 19, 2010

We were a little apprehensive attending a show where the performer bills herself as a "Superstar", but she seemed to have the credits and notices from Canada, then she proved it live! This was a fantastic show from start to finish, and Sharron Matthews is an absolutely riveting and stunning performer.She performs a number of pop hits from the 70s to the present, sometimes mashing numerous songs together such as a mix of Shirley Bassey's Diamonds are Forever with Madonna's Material Girl, or a Disco Medley including Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor, etc, to a beautiful version of Radiohead's Creep. Between the songs are stories of her life growing up in small-town Ontario to attending musical theatre school then starring in Les Miserables and appearing in films like Mean Girls and Hairspray. She is utterly charming and endearing, never outstaying her welcome with each story and song. The result is pure musical bliss. If you want to see a true superstar, go see Sharron Matthews!

"Sharron Matthews Superstar" Lives Up To Her Title!

Rating: 5.0 STARS

Reviewed by Laura McMaster

August 18, 2010

This cabaret performer from Canada rocked theSpace at Surgeons Hall last night with her powerful performance and winning personality. Well worth seeing if you're looking for something musical and entertaining. Highly Recommended.

Audience Review

Good Points

I loved the music she was performing, ranging from the Eagles Hotel California to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to Radiohead's Creep to Madonna, Shirley Bassey and Britney Spears. She has a powerful voice which sounded amazing in the venue and the time just flew by.

Bad Points

The show was over too quickly. She is a well-known performer in Canada and has appeared in films such as Hairspray, Cinderella Man and Mean Girls, and told a story about working with John Travolta. I wanted to hear more of those kinds of stories, but also wanted more songs as she has a wonderful voice.


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