Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 2! Wayne arrives, Joe Simmons, Meow Meow and short togas...


News Alert.Wayne is next door drinking a 4 pound bottle of Noname Irish HE made it alive and was NOT kidnapped by druids...not that they kidnap anyone...I wouldn't want the druids coming for me...not that they do that either!

I got a 2.97 pound bottle of Pinot Grigio...or what I will call it...headache wine...from the same grocery think we had never seen cheap liquor before...Day 2!!

A lot accomplished .... a lot seen and a lot done.Derrick and I had a meeting with the fabulous Louise at the Fringe Particpants Centre about contacts and who to invite and how to find them...she had some great and very helpful ideas.

I think the best thing is to get out and do as many showcases as possible...which sometimes means going to see the showcasess and introducing yourself...I have found that the creative begging I did to raise the money for this show has really knocked a bit of my shyness away.

Derrick and I went to a show called "Edinburgh Tonight with Joe Simmons" at the Surgeon's Hall (where I will be doing my tech rehearsal tomorrow!). It is a live variety show that is taped and put up on the net. It has a number of amazing guests...the ones who I cannot wait to see are "Baby Wants Candy" (improvisational musical theatre group from Chicago) and Lovelace, the is guessed it...Linda Lovelace the porn star...I kinda dug it. The bad hair, the polyester dresses....the rock tunes...I think I might go.

But, I have to say, my fave act was "When in Rome : A New Musical (Comedy)"....oh my was so...just so...oh my I laughed...young, fresh boys in REALLY short togas who bend over ALL OF THE TIME...led by a very femme Augustus Caesar...oh, it was too very much when they led into "Backstreet's Back ALRIGHT!"...yes, I am not lying. It was so ...just soooo...I wanna see it. I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING!

And Derrick won tickets to Frances Ruffelle's show!

Also Joe Simmon's had on the show, the end all be all when it comes to reviews, the Scotsman reviewer named Kate Copstick...and this not messing the EFF AROUND!!! It made my butt cringe when she was telling us her very REAL and sometimes super scary opinion of the shows she has actually made me a bit sick to my tummy...she was wearing a black Tshirt that said EVIL on it.

Nuff said.

EXCEPT! I am still gonna write her and ask her to review the show...I mean why the eff only live once. WHY NOT?!?!?!?!

Oh and Frances Ruffelle was on the show...yes, that Frances Ruffelle...of Les Mis really never know who you will see here..

Joe Simmon's show is awesome...a huge undertaking to get a show like this going and on time in one hour and fifteen minutes!

If you are in Edinburgh GO before it is sold out ALL of the time!

After the show an American dude came up and told Joe (as I stood beside him), in the twangiest accent, that he was so good he could actually work in the States.


And tonight I went to see someone that I have been wanting to see for a while...Wayne and went to the Assembly Princes Gardens to see cabaret sensation, Meow Meow.

Her cabaret name is Meow Meow.

Loves it.

Here she is working...she asked us to take pictures and post them to FB...

Chris Lorway, the AD of Luminato, had suggested her to me long ago when I started on the World Domination road...and I didn't know it I would get a chance to see her.

She is a mix of old country German cabaret, burlesque, musical comedy...she is so many things and kinda refuses to be categorized...I love that...and she is all BALLS BABY!!!

She sang balls to that wall, brought her own roses to be thrown at her, her own smoke machine, her own dream sequence, her own lighting at one point and then, at the end, body surfed all the way from the stage to the bar AND BACK...OH! and made the band remove most of their other words...she was amazing.

I know you are all sick of hearing it...but as she sang her last song...I was so moved that I get to be here...I just got all overwhelmed...and then three uppidy boys beside me began to talk and I told them to SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

Wayne and I LOVED IT!

We introduced ourselves after...actually Wayne went to introduce himself to Lance Horne, her accompanist (who also plays for Alan Cumming) and I followed and we ended up knowing alot of people in common and then we ended up laughing and getting our pic taken!!!


And we met some Torontonians as well!!! (They are in the pic at the end!!!)

Here is the tent we saw the show in and the Edinburgh Castle over top....

It is so excellent to see other people work...from all over the world...this is the part that I love..I mean, I can't wait to sing...but I love to learn...and see other artists in cabaret work.I ain't gonna lie...I am a bit nervous about my tech tomorrow and I am doing my first showcases tomorrow night as well...BUT I am very excited...this city is so full...and the work being done is very interesting.

I am singing at the Bongo Club and the Kabarett : Alternative !!!

I am excited for tomorrow...but till then? Headache wine, Noname Irish Creme and sleep...what a day!

That all sounds like a Dear Diary Entry...but I am effing tired!

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