Monday, August 16, 2010

DAY 4 at Edfringe! Opening DAY!!!

Opening DAY!!!

Again!...A day of highs and lows...So tired...and not a bit drunk...okay... a bit drunk....

We started the day with Derrick and I walking down the street (Wayner was sleeping) and going to a music store to get a...wait for it...tambourine...god bless WAYNE!!! fill out our soung for the live UNAMPLIFIED gig on the Royal Mile...and let us be clear...there are about 10,000 people on the Royal Mile and half of them are selling their shows...It was not bad...I am a bit of a whoring was the UNAMPLIFIED part that I had a hard time with...the kids are all there selling their shows in groups of 5 -20...that is a bit are no pictures of this... because Derrick was handing out flyers...Wayne was playing the melodica and the tambourine (with his foot) and I was screaming at the top of my lungs...WOW!!!

I was a challenge...I have never done anything like that before...we have two more planned and Derrick asked if I wanted to cancel them...I am unsure if I will or was a bit humbling, to say the least....but people did listen and I handed out was something else.We walked home in a bit of an overwhelmed silence...And we needed to buy a stool...I have not often worked in a place that didn't have a stool...but we compared prices and bought one that had to be put together...which I did...two hours before the life is glamourous / not at the same time.

I wanted a picture of that...but Wayne thought that video would be more affective...well, I will download it later, Spielberg.

We got to the theatre and I was shitting my pants...would people come...would I have 4 people in the audience?

But we were full!!!



The people before us went 10 minutes over...I was a bit mad...but Wayne, Derrick and our tech ran through the set up like motherfuckers...and I brought everyone in and we started...It was awesome...I was so fucking please....And there was a huge Canadian presence...Halifax native Anthony Black, who has recently won an award here at the fringe AND gotten amazing reviews for his show Invisible Adam sat in the second row with his wife, Ann Marie, his promoter Sara and his Stage Manager Christian....they stayed after and we laughed, celebrated and drank to the night!!!

The girl who took our pic was smoking...I liked the ghostly affect...I have to go to sleep...

And we ate a lot of chips!

Average audiences for the first night at the fringe...for an untested usually about....ready for it?


So, I am reviewers tonight but a great show!!!

Then the fanciest thing?

The walk home in the rain!!!

2 interviews on the radio EARLY!!!
Night ALL for Scot LAND!!!

Two fave comments overheard...."She is like a mix between the female Jack Black and the female Bette Midler.."
"We were across the street at Porgy and Bess and left because it was shite...YOU WERE AWESOME!!!"

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