Friday, August 06, 2010

Domination, Luggage, Eugene Levy and not enough cake!!!!

I am tired....I spent about 3 hours today balancing and figuring out my books for the World Domination Tour.
I wanted to do it before the show tonight because LAST night during the show I found myself thinking "If I put $100.00 in the account for per diem in Scotland then I can....WAIT A MINUTE!!! WHERE ARE WE IN THE SHOW??!?!?"
Yes, people, let us be does happen every once in a while...BUT these ladies are so captivating and awesome that I wanted to make sure my books were in good standing so I could concentrate on the show!!!
There was a bunch of people who came to the show this week and I haven't had time to put up the pics because all space and intention on this Facebook site and twitter were devoted to the awesome fund raising extravaganza that you witnessed.
But the cast of Being Erica came to see their cast mate Paula Brancati...who today I nicknamed the Pauli-lama because that lady is so zen and has the answers to so many questions that none of the rest of us in the dressing room answers to that she must be the reincarnaton of the LAMA...and she is 21...I have decided that the Tibetan monks have been looking for her for years but haven't been able to find her...we shall keep her...Did you know that if you get your cellphone wet you can fix it by storing it over night in a bag of rice? didn't...but Paula did.
And she knows so many other things...and she knows that without an OUNCE of hubris.
That is what makes her....the Pauli-lama. we are the Being Erica Cast.

Not my best angle....but you get it!
And here we are with Eugene Levy!!! Comic genius!

And here we are at Mary's anniversary party!
It was her Wedding Anniversary and we wanted to celebrate it with a cake...but my piece was WAY TOO SMALL!!!

I got over it.

Today was an amazing day.
I ran around and picked up a bunch of cheques and received my final big cheque from Buddies in Bad Times!!!
It was surreal.
I was floating!
And to celebrate...and to visualize the REST of my World Domination Tour I did something I have NEVER done before...
I went to a high end luggage store and found the luggage I wanted...and then I went to Winners and found the knock offs for a third of the price.

I looked at 20 pieces and had them strewn all over the floor...I had to check depth...pocked size...lightness...and, most important, pretty colours...I have NEVER had matching luggage in my life.
I thought of my friend Karen's pink purse that she bought special...and felt that I needed to honour this special occasion in my own way.
I was so fucking excited I could have spit.
And they are red...I sent this same picture to George because I wanted him to see them...he thought from the picture that they were pink and I had picked that colour so that he could never borrow them.
But he still CANNOT borrow them.
They are RED...FOR CANADA!!!
And they are in anticipation of all the places I have YET to go to work...oh yes, one must visualize and plan.
So, I walked my luggage and my big old cheque from Buddies.
My dear friend Chris...

Told me that I could store the little case in the big one till I got to the car and I said, "Well, yes I could, but I wouldn't look as fabulous that way."
He concurred.
So, I was on my way.

With my chegue and my bags in tow.
Tomorrow is our last day at Love Loss and What I Wore....but today I rode my bike to work and then went straight to the hair and wardrobe room to catch up on the gossip and say the pictures of the next group of ladies in their ourfits...they look snazzy!
They really do.
I am gonna miss this job...and these ladies...I loved seeing them on and offstage every night and I learned SO MUCH from them in both places.
I feel a bit melancholy but there is really no time for that, people!
I fly to NY on Sunday morn early to go to an audition...before I leave for Edinburgh on Thursday.
See what happens why you buy luggage?
Anyhow...I am sad and excited and happy and thrilled and choked up.
The single biggest donor, besides the Mirvishes....Mirvish's.... is too late to figure that our ...but the biggest donor was....drum was YOU MICHAEL RUBINOFF!!!!
What is your song?
You get to pick a song for my next show!!!
And all you ringtones and tshirts!!!
You will get them when I get will!!!
So, I am going to bed...lots to do...need rest....and again...
I thank you all for making my dreams come true....we did it $25.00 at a time....suck that granting bodies!!!!

I forgot one important thing...the ladies of LOVE LOSS all did a photo shoot for the PINK WIG campaign for Run For The Cure!
Look at Bus Shelters and Billboards near you....

This me and Patti, who is with the ad company in charge of the campaign!!!

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