Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Week 33!!! Musings from Plane and BED!!! I am GETTING UP NOW!!

I am do people fly this early...and WHY do they? I am stumped.
I am in Air Canada Executive Class.
Loves it.
That little curtain between this section and the section I usually fly in is the funniest thing to me...we would never want to be tainted by looking at the people who are STUFFED into their seats two feet behind comes the spacially challenged stewardess...I SWEAR to god she was two inches from my face...I saw her talking to someone sitting across and in front of me and it looked like they were kissing, she was so close.
The joke of it is...I couldn’t afford to fly Porter or any other airline...the only way I could afford to go was to use my points and fly Executive.
For one hour....what I WOULDN’T give to be upgraded on my 8 hour flight to Scotland...I am considering going to my doctor today to get some freakin’ they have it in this country yet?
What could I do to get upgraded?
CAN I get upgraded on a Thomas Cook flight?
I swear to god I am expecting to see a plane held together with tape and some gum and a Gap belt affixed to the tiny-teeny seat that I will occupy.
Those were musings from my early morning plane ride yesterday....
I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off yesterday...on about 3 hours sleep...I can’t actually believe how much I got done...
Fave moment of the day was going to Fashion Crimes...
I was nervous because, like me before my wedding, I have been so stressed I have gained a couple...of course the opposite of what I was trying to acheive...
But in a monument to all that Pam Chorley’s Fashion Crimes is...they made me feel beautiful and loved in moments and in less than one hour I walked away with 6...YUP 6...outfits...they are all in a piece of luggage waiting to go to the airport.
Thanks to my FASHION CRIMES gals...Kat, Amanda and Logan...Logan is the lone dude working there...adore him.
Then I spent HOURS balancing my budget...fucking fucking fucking hate that...but balance it did...after I spent one whole hour searching for $524.00 dollars that I had not accounted for!! FOUND IT!!! It was like I had found the effing Titanic...hey, remember when that was lost?
Anyhow...Paula B sent me some pics from our last day...and I cried and cried...

I woke up this morning with an email in my inbox from EVERYONE of them...all in a row!
Andrea is rehearsing for her show in Huntsville called “Andrea Martin: Final Days! Everything Must GO!”
You must go!! You must!!!
Check it out..the theatre is gorgeous...
Dear Paula is on set for ‘Being Erica’...
Louise is shooting the amazing ‘Star Portraits’...
And Mary is writing a movie in Newfoundland....
They are all busy...and I miss them....we were such a bunch of 12 year olds the last day!

Go see the new cast of Love Loss and What I Wore......they OPENED LAST NIGHT!!!

Oh ya...I am such a lord that when I was in NY I walked by the theatre it was playing in there and took my freakin' picture...surprised?

Last night, after finding that FUCKING $524.00 and being the huge job of packing I took the puppies to our little secret dog park...and we played ball...and since they had been in most of the day I let them chew their...balls...and decided “Well, I need to go over it somewhere...” and out in the fresh air, in the secret crack park...I went over mys how...which I just cut 6 more minutes out...
Gotta make sure I run on time...
The dogs thought I was not bad...they wished I had slowed down a bit.
(I just wrote that joke in an email to Louise and have recycled it here...don’t judge me Louise...I liked it too much)
Anyhow...I have a ton to do today...little stuff...but a lot of little stuff...
What am I doing?
Lying in bed with the dogs writing to you guys...the three of you who read this...
I actually cannot believe it is here...I have already done Toronto, done New York and I am going to fucking Scotland tomorrow.
OH YA! show was the number one recommended pick by the Fringe Review for my venue...which is huge!
Checks it out!!!

After my first foray into fundraising last February...I was very scared...I got money...but not a lot and I was terrified that I had put this huge task in front of myself and announced I had to do it...and I laid down for a whole day...thinking about how I would do it and how I could GET OUT of it...but George told me I had to was TOO LATE!!!
Then the work....well, it didn’t continued in earnest.
I have so many people to thank...but I have to go to the bank and change dollars into pounds, lieu of is the latest donor list...
Thank much...all of you...for your love, support, words, help, thoughts...and though I never focus on them for longer than a moment....even to the judgers....for SPURING ME ON!!! Just like Christina Agilera!!! Thanks for making me stronger BYOTCHES!!!
But I was made the most stongest...what? this group of people below...starting with George...who is not on that list...because...he knows...

General $2000.00 or more

BMO Financial Group
Joan Mathers
Mirvish Productions

Lieutenant $500.00 to

Curtis Barlow
Dramac LTD-Charlotte and Tedde Moore
Gary May
The John McKellar Charitable Foundation
Jerry and Kathy McRoberts
Ian Epstein and Kathy Kacer
Kevin Finora
Michael Rubinoff
Nancy Ruth
Paul Butler and Chris Back
Perry Dellelce

Army $50 to $499.99

Adam Brazier
Amber Mills and Michael Rode
Andy Parks
Anna Hrazdira
Ari Weinberg
Becky and Kathy Liddle
Brian Goldenberg
Bruce Dean
Buddies in Bad Times
Canadian Stage
Carolyn Adams
Christopher Gurr
Clinton Walker
Dan Thompson Beauty
David Playfair
Dawn Rivard
Dianne Woodrow
Doug Price
The Elgin Winter Garden Theatres
Elizabeth Baird
Esther Yermus
Gabrielle Jones
Gillian Tooke
Greg Peterson
Guy Bannerman
Harbourfront Centre
Ian and Trudy McCabe
Ina Kerklaan
Jamie Porter
Janet Berkman
Jeff Moulton
Jim Betts
Judie Kavanagh
Julie Martell
Just for You by Alex
Kara Purdy
Karen Carpenter
Karen LeBlanc
Kate Bariss
Kyle Golemba
Lily Ling
Linda Yamamoto
Lise Payne
Lorraine Kimsa Theatre For Young People
Lynne Jamieson
M. Road
Marcel Watier
Marcello Tulipano
Marie Baron
Marlene Smith
Mary Lu Zahalan
Mary Walsh
Melissa Doige
Melissa Yetman
Michael Gianfrancesco
Michele-Marie Beer
Michelle Hamilton Black and Darren Black
Michelle Monteith
Mitchell Marcus
Miriam Flynn
Mirvish Productions
Nadia Mear
Natalie Heron
Opera Atelier
Patricia Wilson
Peter Martyn
Randy Read
Rod Kelly
Ron Cameron-Lewis
Sandy and Max Reimer
Sarite Harris
Susan and John Masswohl
The Shaw Festival
Sherry Chandler
The Stratford Festival
Sophie Radecki
Stefan Moccio
Stephanie Martin, Andrew Sabiston and Lucie
Steve Ross
Susan Henley
Tim Hughes
Visit Scotland
Wayne Thomas
William Humenick

Sharron’s Privates People who have donated $25.00 to $50.00 and/or supported, given their free time and/or skill,promoted and/or helped Sharron immeasureably on this World Domination Tour!

Alex Saslove
Amanda Campbell
Andrea Martin
Ari Weinberg
Andy Parks
Barry Burns
Bea Campbell
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Bruce Dow
Callandra Dendias
Charlotter Moore
Chris Lorway
Chris Mitchell
Constance Marlatt
Christine Horne
Chrystal Donbrath
Crystal Rickard
David Oiye
Diana Coatsworth
Doug Price
Ed Sahely
Evan Smith
Frances Donkevy
Gabi Epstein
Geoff Whynot
Grant Ramsay
Jay Turvey
Jean Stilwell
Jeff Breithaupt
Jim Russell
Julia Gardener
Karen Blackman
Kathryn McEwen
Keith Cole
Kelly Holiff
Kyle Golemba
Leslie Arden
Lindsay Burns
Louise Pitre and Joe Matheson
Mark Davis
Melanie Phillipson
Michael Gianfrancesco
Michael Hughes
Pablo Kessleman
Pam Chorley
Paul Sportelli
Paula Brancati
Paula Grove
Patricia Wilson
Patricia Zentilli
Patti and John Loach
Peter Phoa
Qasim Khan
Ramona Carmelly
Rob Kempson
Robert Missen
Sara Farb
Shawn Daudlin
Shelley Quinn
Sky Gilbert
Susan Bourcier
Sutton Foster
Suzanne Hermany
Thom Allison
Tracey Nolan
Tricia Lackey
Trudi Goodfellow
Wayne Gwillim
William Humenick

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