Monday, August 02, 2010

Week 32 of WORLD Domination!!! I am not EFFING AROUND!!! I am adding RING TONES!!!

I have 5 days to raise $4900.00!
I have a couple new options as well!!!
You have watched the WORLD DOMINATION....
You have thought to yourself...I would like to donate RIGHT NOW but
1. Buddies Box OFFICE isn't open (though the hours are noon to 5:00pm Tuesday to Saturday)
2. You don't have a cheque, or and envelope...and just thinking of walking to the mailbox exhausts you.
3. You find yourself not wanting to WALK ALL THE WAY TO BUDDIES to pay them by debit...(Which you can do during the hours are noon to 5:00pm Tuesday to Saturday)
4. You just wanna sit in front of your computer and PAY THE DAMNED Donation!
So! After checking out all the options, I have found that emailing me your donation is the easiest and you don't even have to get up!!!
Just go to your web banking site or phone your banking line and you can simply EMAIL me the cash!
It is SOOOOO easy!!!
You are asked for two things in email banking...
My name:
Which is Sharron Matthews
and my email address...
Which is
If you wish a tax receipt please include your address in the information section OR email it to me and I will get a receipt to you!!!
It IS TOTALLY EASY and absolutely safe and secure!!!
I have made payments by email and received them for the last year!!!
It is so freaking easy.
Did I mention it is easy?

There is a bit of incentive!!!!

If you donate $25.00 I will record a ringtone of whatever you want me to say, sing or long at it isn't TOO degrading...I said too...I am pretty open at this point..."Jenny's Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world...and is too freakin busy to pick up the phone right now!!" or "Jean Paul and I are getting read for the "I Am Too Rich to be Awake Right NOW TOUR 2011", so he can't possibly answer this IPHONE" See? See? It could be fun!

If you donate $50.00 or more you will receive (while supplies last) a Sharron's Army Tshirt and I will send it, walk it or drive it to you

This is my friend Gillian (who is coming to Scotland!) in hers out front of Joe's Pub with Sandra and Theresa

The person who donates this most from today till Friday the 6th can pick a song and I will learn it and perform it at my first show back in Toronto! Which will be either September or October!

Not too bad....I mean not like swag from awards show...but still not stinky!!!
I really need your help...I ain't begging....WAIT !!! I JUST REMEMBERED!!! I AIN'T TOO PROUD TO BEG!!!!
So, please help a gal out...
Here are the original options....
BUT TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE my dear people!!
I really need to have it all be Friday!!!

To donate you can either call Buddies in Bad Times Theatre ( my charitable trustee) at #416 975 8555 during box office hours (noon to 5:00pm, Tuesday to Saturday) and donate by Credit Card ( Telling the person you speak to that it is for Sharron Matthews Superstar) OR you can go there (address below) during box office hours and donate by cash, debit or credit in person (again, Telling the person you speak to that it is for Sharron Matthews Superstar) OR you can mail a cheque to
Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
Toronto, Ontario M4Y 1B4
*Please make the cheque out to Buddies in Bad Times with Sharron Matthew Superstar in the memo line, and we will promptly send a tax receipt.*

Please help me out!!!
I am in the home stretch!!!

POSTSCRIPT! (One hour after I posted this blog.)
Have RECEIVED $775.00 in donations in the last hour... and most are by email payment thru the bank....the best thing...besides the donation of there is a security answer that I have to give to get the money. It is all James Bond...everyone who donated came up with a question and an answer that required me to think. Which is good. But it also served to remind me of our singular friendships...Lordy I know...but how I cried and cried!!
I believe.
Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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