Monday, August 09, 2010

New York Night. New York Morn.

So, I should still be sleeping...I did sleep the I-didn't-sleep-for-longer-
than-3-hours-the-night-before sleep of the dead for about 7 hours...which seems to be a good sleep for me now that I am in my 40's.
Fuck, I hope that doesn't turn into sleeping for 3 hours a night and calling that a good sleep like my Grama did. We shared a bedroom for 2 years or so when I was growing up...god that seems like so long ago.
Anyway, I should be still sleeping but the place I have been blessed to stay at here in NY has a terrace and it is stunning...with trees and flowers and a view of the river...gorgeous.
And knowing it was out I am.
That picture is a self portrait, I will have you know.
After I got here yesterday and got settled I went over my audition, I will talk about that another day...I don't want to jinx it...yes, I believe in jinxing...then I slept a bit...then I rehearsed some more...then I went out in the night to find some food.
On my way down the hall to the elevator I could hear one of the neighbours having a smart Sunday night party...and they were playing beautiful jazz just under the conversation...I stood leaning on the wall waiting and thought..."That is New York".
When I got down to the street the wind was blowing cool/warm air and I felt Happy? Lucky? Tired? Hopeful?
And I put my hands into the air for a second as I walked down the street.
I may close my eyes for another half hour.
I am living day to day...
I know that I fly back tomorrow...I know that I go to Edinburgh in 3 days.
That is being taken care of...nothing I can do about it today!
Well, I will take this chance to go over my show for a while after my
It is gonna be hot today...but for now...breezy and gorgeous...

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