Friday, August 13, 2010

Week 33 of WORLD DOMINATION!!! Edfringe DAY1

Not to be indelicate...but HOLY CRAPBAGS!

Here I am!

Here we are!!

So, it all began with an excited trip to the airport with the young and talented and incredibly supportive Michael Hughes...I packed lightly...I know what you are thinking George...but I did...I mean one bag was just Fashion Crimes...there are vid cameras, files, shoes, hair appilances...the list goes on! Being fabulous requires A LOT of maintenance!! A LOT!!!

So, Thomas Cook, who we thankfully got our budget flight on, a bit...hmm...what is the word...low class..and that is coming from a chick who grew up hanging onto the bottom of a dream of being ALMOST middle class....NOT!

They were say the least...pissed that they were not working for British Airways or you are actually allowed to bring luggage that is about the size of a yoga bag on with you...or you are charged one MILLION there was Hughes an I ...repacking an weighing the bag 4 times in front of a whole rubber necking bunch of people.

And then on the plane...

It was like a maternity ward...screaming babies EVERYWHERE!!!

Karma...see what happens?

I slept about 2 hours and our legs were crammed into our guts for six and a half hours....but it was worth it when we arriveD!!

Oh it was gorgeous today...we got to the Glasgow train station..

and we were on our way....our flat is awesome...just what we need...and clean...and well appointed...the landlord apoligized for not having milk and stuff for us but he was here a couple of weeks, nice.

When you walk out the front door you can see Arthur's Seat....which is this....

Derrick and I went to get a phone, meet the PR people Geri and Neil, and generally lookd we were awalking down George Street to the Underbelly Venue I heard someone scream "Sharron Matthews!!!"...I just about shit my pants...when I turned it was a young lady named Carly who told me that she had gone to see my show in Toronto a number or times...had gone to theatre school there and now had transferred to the Scottish Academy of Drama...really?!

So, I got recognized during my first three hours in Scotland...that has got to be a good sign right?

You know what that is?


And finally when I couldn't stand anymore I came back to the flat and had one of those sleeps that you wake up from in the same position you went to sleep in....and I had no idea where I was an what time it was....

Derrick and I decided that we wanted to go to see Allan Cumming's show at the Assembly Hall...

A 740 seat intimate cabaret space...when he came out...he was wonderful by the way...really...I was so glad to be here...just so glad to see him work...he did some really interesting stuff and told some great stories...and when he did a Hedwig Medley I began to tear eyes began to know what I mean...I thought back to when I saw Hedwig on Broadway and how it inspired me so much...and Allan...yes, I am just gonna call him by the first name talked about how he was staying at his friend John's apartment in NY and how John was working on a drag character to work into a show...which turned out to be Hedwig.I cried.He said a number of things that went along with the sidewalk recognition as being a great sign of good things...

Oh, and he sang effing "Taylor the Latte Boy"...when he started it made me think of Kyle Golemba!

In the best of ways!

Derrick and I went to our looks good!!!

So, tomorrow we meet with the Fringe Participant helping lady...not her real title I assure you.

She is gonna help us with a further plan...and help us realize our goals of connecting with other promoters and ....other things I cannot think of right now!!1I gotta sleep...Oh is one of the 100 beer 2:30am....these people know how to party.

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