Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 3! Highs! Lows! Tired! Short formed!

I am so fucking tired and I am live on the Royal Mile at I gotta short form this!

Here we got!

Cabaret Symposium.

Most awesome...different here...very circus and burlesque based....Camille O' Sullivan says that when you tell people you are doing cabaret they expect you to take of your think "really?'...more on that later.

Tech rehearsal....awesome...the tech people loved us and kept us in the room 5 minutes past our time because they wanted to hear Bohemian Rhapsody...loves it.

Back to the flat...Derrick makes dinner while Wayne and I get ready for first showcase.

We are tardy getting there...but so are a number of act is a dude wrestling a painting in a WWF outfit...there is a dragon who does comedy who is so effing funny...we then witness 3 of 7 acts take of their clothes...well, Camille...who knew?

All dudes.

And then the show is running so far over that I get....CUT!!!!

Oh well, tardiness doesn't pay....

But I am bummed as Derrick, Wayne and I walk across the North Bridge...we stop to take picture and run into these lovely people...she looks at me with wide eyes and says..."you...I know're the are Sharron Matthews!!"

She is the lovely Bev from Perth, Ontario with her husband Bob who are on their 50th wedding anniversary vacation!

Recognizing in another part of the world number 2 people!!!

You know what that is?

World freakin' Domination!!!

Then with spirits lifted we go to next (fucking short form Sharron!!! GO TO BED!!!That is Derrick.) showcase and meet a band of young men from PERTH (who knew?) Scotland...and one of the guys named Garth who is 22 years old ( could be his effing mother) kisses me on the mouth when I am not paying attention...and I then miss George...and feel uncomfortable....and Wayne and Derrick mock me.

Then we watch another girl take off her clothes...and another....what the fuck is going on....

I do a number to an OKAY response and consider pulling off my dress...


Wayne and I have revamped the 15 minute show for tomorrow... I AM GOING TO BED, DERRICK!!!

Here is Derrick and Wayne on the North Bridge.

Learned lessons and was stumped and humbled and was a day of contraditions...

But the most important thing was that I pulled myself out of the doldrums after the lukewarm showing and figured out how to make it different!

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